Beth’s Urban Belly session

  1. love the textures! such a HOT mommy to be!

  2. I am in awe of these pics….they are amazing. Kind of makes me want to be preggers again…not really though. 🙂

  3. Tara Gibson says:

    wow these are awesome! she has such a great sense of style!

  4. dalebenfield says:

    Thanks! It was such a fun shoot! Tell all your preggo friends! 🙂

  5. omg i LOVE her style!

  6. A. Thanks (people I dont know) for all the sweet comments!!

    B. Thank you Dale and Meredith for all the FUN:) I love your work and the eye catching shots, not to mention making people look good!!
    I will definitely cherish these.

  7. Regan says:

    AMMMAAAAZZZING!! Oh Beth, you look so beautiful! Ah, I can't wait to see you and your bump! Wonderful job guys, these are fantastic photos!

  8. dalebenfield says:

    Thanks, Regan! Comments from you always mean a lot!

    Hope you and Andy are great!

  9. Beth says:

    She is so so gorgeous! You did such an amazing job!!

  10. Anonymous says:

    She and her "Gladiator" shot is amazing! I LOVE all of these shots of her now and "Trash the Dress"!!! (Love that she wore the same Chucky Taylors in both settings!)

    I only hope that you get her to model for Benfield after she has that precious child together!!!



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