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Dale and Tyler’s Wedding Sneak Peeks

April 25, 2019

Hi friends! Sneak peeks are so fun, amiright? I love surprising my clients with favorites from our session or our wedding. I finally got to experience that from a client’s perspective when Susie (our wedding photographer) sent us a teaser on Tuesday. I thought I’d take a minute and share 5 of my favorite moments from Tyler and my wedding day!

Top 5 favorite wedding day moments…


First off, you know Ellie is my sweet babe… I was the MOST happy that she got to come to Las Vegas for the wedding. Y’all, doesn’t she look SUPER grown up? It’s still so hard for me to take in. Anyway, I had to get her a little token of my affection for the wedding day. (I got her this Tiffany’s necklace). I love that Ty put it on her (cry face emoji); they’ve bonded in this crazy, fun way!

new stepmom putting necklace on daughter during the wedding day


Hanging with the Benfields. While Cece wasn’t able to come (all Cece’s parents had some in-depth conversations about what was best for her and ultimately decided that Las Vegas could be a bit overwhelming for a bad-ass 6 year old with Autism), I got to spend time hanging with Brother (aka “Steven”), Momma, and Ellie.

Can you BELIEVE how grown up this girl is?


Guy time. This group of guys are a perfect representation of who I am balled into one person. We had a great time hanging out with each other (you never know, as they live all over the country and some have never met!) and they did a great job of loving on me and being there for me.
I’ll go into details on how and I why I chose each of these guys later, but I was so honored they all flew out to Vegas to support me and Tyler!


Tyler’s reaction as I read her my self-written vows. Tyler isn’t the biggest cryer (I cry waaaaayyy more than she does). She’s a tough cookie, but apparently my vows cracked their way through because look at this sweet moment! I love that we wrote our own vows, making promises and declarations in front of our friends and family.


Seeing Tyler walk down the aisle. If you’re a wedding client of mine, you know I NEVER push for a first look! It’s totally up to you (as it should be) as to when you first see your partner on the wedding day. We chose to wait and I was IN AWE (and teary as hell) as Tyler was escorted down the aisle to me in her BEAUTIFUL dress.

Y’all… There’s so much more!

I have a lot more to share about this wedding – the wedding details, how a wedding photographer chooses his wedding photographer, the story behind my vows, how I chose my groomsmen, what I wore, and a looooootttttt more pictures, so go ahead and bookmark the blog 😉 . I’m excited to share everything with y’all!

Talk to you soon,

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