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Fashion Show with Tia Booth

October 20, 2019

My friend Tia Booth (from the Bachelor) – who I collab with on mobile lightroom presets! – recently invited me to the NWAFW show at Drake Field. This was actually the first time Tia and I met in person, though we text pretty much every day. We also have been social media friends for a year or more. I can’t actually remember when we started following each other. She was one of the first influencers I reached out to when I started selling presets, and she was really excited about the idea!

I’d been to previous NWAFW and it sure has changed! Before the show we were able to spend a few minutes shooting on the runway and got the coolest shots! I photographed Tia in her Johnny Cash t-shirt at a little secret side spot I had found when I did a recent engagement shoot. I love the light there because the white reflects and fills light everywhere! Then she changed into a stunning dress that we photographed out by a private jet, and felt pretty baller.

Oh, and credit to Skye on the Town for the dress, and Olivia Yeager with the killer makeup and hair!

The fashion show was really fun. We watched some upcoming and established clothing designers show off their latest collections. Tia Booth and I had fun critiquing the fashion shows.

We were also treated like VIP at the Fashion Show. Being an influencer, Tia got us front row seats to the show, drink tickets, a special VIP area with drinks and food, etc. The experience was really lovely!

My buddy Brock from Brock Entertainment was the emcee and, as always, did a fantastic job. He kept the show moving and entertaining. It was a really fun night!

Talk to you soon,

Tia Booth NWAFW Fashion week in front of airplane
Tia Booth Bachelor at NWAFW

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