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St. Catherine’s Cottage Chapel Wedding for Gina and Daniel

October 10, 2019

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A Destination wedding… in ARKANSAS!

When I learned Gina and Daniel were planning a destination wedding in Arkansas, I was so excited! Destination wedding in Arkansas is not always a common thing. You think of beaches or flights to the other side of the world when you hear destination wedding, but Arkansas has some of the most beautiful and dreamy wedding venues in the entire world. This St Catherine’s Chapel wedding was a great choice.

One such place is St. Catherine’s wedding chapel at Bell Gables in Fayetteville, Arkansas. That location, paired with a reception at the long-time Fayetteville favorite Pratt Place Inn, makes for an ideal destination wedding with two incredible staffs. This St. Catherine’s Chapel wedding is so dreamy!

bride and groom kissing in front of a chapel cottage in Arkansas

St Catherine’s Chapel wedding with one of the best staffs in Northwest Arkansas

The bride, Gina, took care of all the wedding planning from her home in Austin, TX, and did just about the best job I could imagine! While she didn’t have a wedding planner (normally a no-no in the world of destination wedding planning), she seemed to have executed a fool-proof plan and hired the best team for the wedding in Fayetteville.

I’ve loved the staff at St. Catherine’s since day one. They treat me like family there, which I know because it’s a caring family who runs every single wedding themselves at the iconic wedding venue! I’ve shot weddings there more than any other ceremony location in Fayetteville over the past decade, and always (ALWAYS) feel inspired as I drive up on the woody grounds of the ivy-covered stone chapel.

The same holds true for Pratt Place Inn (and barn): I’ve photographed more receptions there than any other location in Northwest Arkansas and always feel inspired because there are so many beautiful spots for photos. She also hired me to take photos (so duh… I have to love that choice!) and Althea from Rose of Sharon prepared all the florals, and bride’s bouquet. Enough talking… let’s look at pictures!

Talk to you soon,

details for wedding at st. catherines and pratt place inn
bride and groom kissing in front of a chapel cottage in Arkansas
bride and groom kissing in front of a chapel cottage in Arkansas
wedding ceremony at stone chapel at st catherine's at bell gable
couple kissing in front of antique mercedes car
wedding portrait of bride and groom at st catherine's chapel in fayetteville arkansas
wedding details at Pratt Place Inn in Fayetteville
couple kissing at wedding reception in front of Pratt Place Inn
wedding sparkler exit at Pratt Place Inn in Fayetteville

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