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NWA Wedding Venues: Sassafras Springs Vineyard Lodge

November 11, 2019

NWA Wedding Venues have a new listing

I’ve photographed at pretty much all the NWA wedding venues. So when I discover a new location, I try to photograph it asap so I can share it with y’all. One new place I’m really excited about is the Lodge at the Winery. Sassafras Springs Vineyard is already one of my favorite places to hang out. Also, it’s one of my favorite places to shoot weddings.

At a recent wedding, I pulled up to the stables and noticed the lodge. It turns out, the bride was getting ready in the lodge. I remember walking in and being blown away by the lighting (and really cool furniture). There is a really long galley bathroom, perfect for multiple bridesmaids getting ready at once. I also kept seeing bedroom after bedroom. The Lodge at Sassafras has four bedrooms and four bathrooms. However, the real statement is the ginormous dining room table in the main living area. You look at it and imagine a super fun dinner party, or even better, a friendsgiving!

Our experience with the Lodge at the Winery

Cheryl, owner of the NWA Wedding venues and a dear friend, asked Tyler and me to come experience the lodge for a weekend. We’ve been looking for a little getaway for her pregnancy, and a venue to photograph Tyler’s maternity portraits. Because of the variety of backgrounds Sassafras Springs Vineyard offers, it was a no brainer!

bedroom of the lodge at NWA wedding venues Sassafras Springs Vineyard
kitchen of the lodge at Sassafras Springs Vineyard
Girls pizza night at the Lodge at Sassafras Springs Vineyard
Girls pizza night at the Lodge at Sassafras Springs Vineyard

A multi-purpose cabin rental at a winery

Because this has so many uses, it definitely appeals to everybody! I already mentioned a Friendsgiving dinner at the Lodge, but how about a GNO? Girls nights out are so fun (from what I hear), and we set up one at the lodge. Benny Bride Sloane Hocker, joined by a handful of friends, met us at the lodge for a GNO. Pizza, wine, and charcuterie were some of the things they enjoyed both at the long table and outside on the deck. Then they slipped into the comfy robes to get ready for a sleepover. So fun!

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