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Sunrise Engagement Pictures for Lauren Weaver and Luke Bonfield

November 11, 2019

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Sunrise Engagement Pictures are a rarity, but I’ve become more of a morning person lately! When Lauren Weaver and Luke Bonfield wanted sunset pictures I was in a panic! Y’all… I don’t have any spots left this fall. What’s a photographer to do?

How a photographer shoots golden light pictures when it’s not sunset…

Most people refer to the golden hour of photography as the hour before the sun sets each day. However, there is a small time just after the sun rises when you get the same lovely color as a sunset. Of course, you’re shooting into the east instead of into the west so you have to be mindful of that. Because I typically shoot sunset engagement pictures I had to find a location that literally faced the opposite way so I could shoot Sunrise Engagement Pictures. Y’all… the extra planning was totally worth the effort! I found a spot that I loved and that had some variety of scenery. I went out a few days before to shoot a couple test shots and sent them to the bride. She loved the location and planned perfect outfit choices to accompany the spot.

engagement pictures in the woods at sunrise

I love the warm glow that sunrise engagement pictures have. We took the above shot in the forest, and found gorgeous light for the couple. Also… notice that little bit of highlight on the couples’ heads? I try to find light like that so they stand out from the background just a little.

romantic pose of a guy hugging a girl from behind during sunrise engagement session
This is one of my most favorite engagement portraits in recent history. The lighting and effort that went into this shoot made it extra special. Thank you to Luke and Lauren for getting up before the sunrise to capture these engagement pictures!
couple kissing in an evergreen christmas tree
I think this shot is SO romantic! When Luke showed me his 2nd outfit, I knew exactly where I was going to pose him. I love the vibe of this so much!

While engagement pictures at sunrise take a little extra effort, I’m ready and willing to set an early alarm for one of my amazing couples! Let me know if that’s you!

Talk to you soon,

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