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‘Dilly’s’ gender neutral nursery

December 20, 2019

Hey everybody! We’ve been rockin and rollin over here at the Benfield household getting the gender neutral nursery ready for “Dilly.” If you are wondering if “Dilly” is the baby’s name, it’s not. We don’t have a name! Actually, we don’t even know the gender. We just started calling our baby Dilly after the first ultrasound when we both swore up and down that the baby looked like an armadillo.

Lol… Dilly’s gonna hate that story one day.

After our scare a month ago, we decided we need to get our butts in gear in case the baby comes before the January 9th due date. We started unpacking and assembling things we bought for the gender neutral nursery, and I think it’s pretty great now! I give design credit to Tyler, who needed minimal input from me.

What’s the equivalent of a sous chef when it comes to home projects? Whatever the term, Tyler is the perfect one of those. She keeps track of where I set the tape measure, the pencil, the drill, all the screws, and the instruction sheet. I actually LOVE using instructions, which is probably not normal. I find it therapeutic to be able to count down steps until completion, and am fascinated by architects and technical writers who write out fool-proof, logical instructions to achieve a final product. Man, what a nerdy paragraph.

Get back on track, Dale.

Tyler is going to write her own blog post about the nursery and her vision, so I’ll leave all that part to her. However, I wanted to talk about a few of my favorite things about Dilly’s nursery.

My favorite things about Dilly’s gender neutral nursery…

The paint color:

What started as wanting our living room and nursery painted quickly turned into our entire house. Going from “builder’s beige” to gray and white has been a wonderful change. I have aversions to yellow (and yellow light) which stems from my wedding photography and white balance, so I made the decision to have the house painted literally so we could take prettier pictures of Dilly. Too far? Nah. I like what I like and get inspired by light, bright areas with gray tones. Plus it goes great with a boy or a girl!

Gender neutral baby nursery idea

The crib

The crib was the first big thing we bought for baby. We recently upgraded our own bed to a cool wrought iron bed and thought Dilly needed one that matches. I love the vibe it gives, and it’s SUPER sturdy. Plus, we got the version that converts to a toddler’s bed so it was a good, long-term investment.

Gender neutral baby nursery idea

The camera

The little wooden camera you see on the bookshelf was a gift from our friend (well… friends’ mom… but I definitely call her a friend). She is a great gift giver because she listens really well and gets thoughtful gifts. Some of my favorite things in Dilly’s room are from her, but this is my favorite. I can’t wait for Dilly to 1) get used to a camera pointed his/her way and 2) learn how to use a camera! One of my favorite things I’ve ever taught Ellie was how to use a camera, and she still is an amazing photographer!

Gender neutral baby nursery idea

The books

The books on the bookshelf are one of my favorite things because it takes me back to one of Tyler and my early dates. We went to Barnes and Noble, and she was a little tipsy. She and I were chatting about the future and we discussed having a baby (I think for one of the first times). She got all romantic about the idea and filled her cart with the entire collection of classics for the baby’s room, long before we were ever pregnant.

Gender neutral baby nursery idea

The custom onesie

One last favorite – and it’s a BIG one. Ellie brought a custom little onesie she made for Dilly. It says, “I love my sisters” with a picture of herself and Cece on it. BRB, crying.

custom onesie from big sisters

I see a ton of baby’s rooms on pinterest and instagram. Over the top rooms with circle shaped cribs, gorgeous hardwood floors, large sitting areas, and fancy (and cool) wallpaper, etc. and while those are beautiful… I just LOVE our sweet little room that Dilly will get to come home to. To me, it’s about the personal, thought-out touches Tyler (along with our friends and family) helped create with Dilly’s well-being and happiness in mind.

We can’t wait to bring Dilly home to it!

Talk to you soon,

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