for me it was always about family

humble beginnings

I was the first person to go to college in the history of my family. Most of my family, including my older brother and sister, didn't even get a high school diploma. For my younger brother and myself, I wanted something different. Something more. 

To break the cycle of poverty in my family (and be a positive role model for my younger brother), I turned to photography as a means to pay for college. I photographed portraits and worked for newspapers as a photojournalist. After graduating with my Master's degree, I moved to Northwest Arkansas and launched my business as a full-time luxury wedding photographer. 

Fast forward more than a decade, and I’ve photographed weddings all over the world, taught thousands of photographers how to succeed in business, and danced on approximately 500 dance floors. I’ve also been able to provide a beautiful life for my wife and three daughters by doing something I truly love. I’ll forever be grateful for each and every Benny Bride and Benny Groom for the gift they have given me. 

Meet tyler lucille Benfield

Dale met Tyler when he was photographing her sister's wedding. She was the cute maid of honor, and he was the photographer trying not to make every picture about her. A friendship started and (playing the long game), we started dating 8 years later.

Tyler is Benfield Photography's other main photographer. She works alongside Dale as a luxury wedding photographer. She creates the most incredible art on the wedding day through candid photography.

Benfield Photography is a luxury Northwest Arkansas Wedding Photographer who also photographs destination weddings in the U.S., Mexico, Italy, France, and beyond.


About Benfield Photography

What started as a way to pay for my education quickly turned into my full-time profession. Being a luxury wedding photographer is very demanding, but very rewarding. It has taken more than a decade to perfect the special sauce of delivering top wedding photography images while also creating a bespoke wedding photography business, tailoring the experience for each and every deserving bride and deserving groom. Each wedding has its own story, and each love story should be told in a way that reflects that couple's style, taste, and special details. Because of that, there is more need for top luxury wedding photographers than every before.

I'm fortunate to be named one of the best luxury wedding photographers in the world.  

I have the privilege of photographing destination weddings all over the world, from New York to LA to Mexico to Italy. However, there are also incredible, luxury weddings in Arkansas. Crystal Bridges weddings stand up to any in the world, and I love shooting in my own backyard. If your wedding demands include the best wedding photography while receiving personal, attentive service, I understand those needs. Hiring NW Arkansas wedding photographer Benfield Photography to shoot your local wedding or destination wedding is the first step in a truly memorable experience.