husband, #girldad, photographer.

Meet Dale

My dad was a photographer and owned a photo lab. He gave me my first photography job, and my first camera. He taught me how to print pictures in the dark room, and how to set a camera manually, and that your customers were the most important part of a business.

Over the past 20 years, I've used what he taught me to provide a life for my wife and three daughters. Even after 500 or so weddings I've photographed, I'm still obsessed with capturing love and wake up excited every morning to get to do this for a living.

Meet tyler lucille!

Dale met Tyler when he was photographing her sister's wedding. She was the cute maid of honor, and he was the photographer trying not to make every picture about her. A friendship started and (playing the long game), we started dating 8 years later!

Look at us now! Parents and stuff!

Tyler is a 2nd shooter for BP, and during the week she is a healthcare attorney for Walmart.

Northwest Arkansas

get a trusted photographer who loves photographing love.