NFL QB (now retired) Sam Bradford married Emma Lavy in a luxurious destination wedding on top of Aspen Mountain in Aspen Colorado. Benfield Photography was the exclusive wedding photographer for the celebrity wedding. The wedding was set atop the mountain, surrounded by nature, their families, and friends. Every detail of the wedding was looked after by the team at The Little Nell in Aspen. By the way, I highly recommend The Little Nell.
Emma and Sam Bradford's wedding showed that a mountain wedding can still be luxurious. Their wedding details were jaw-dropping with table runners made entire of florals by Carolyn's Flowers in Aspen, CO. Not only were the details extravagant, but the music and entertainment was fun and entertaining. The electric violin and DJ had the entire wedding party on the dancefloor for most of the summer evening. 
Because I was surrounded by the most incredible scenery (and because Emma and Sam Bradford are both gorgeous), I spent some time photographing the wedding couple on top of Aspen Mountain during golden hour. I kept my eye on the sun as it was setting and pulled the celebrity couple out at the perfect time to get dreamy, warm wedding portraits. Check out the Benfield Photography blogpost for the full story of Emma and Sam Bradford's wedding in Aspen.

Sam Bradford And Emma Lavy

Sam Bradford and Emma Lavy's Wedding at Aspen Mountain

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