August 22, 2015

Kayln and Tyler’s Helena Engagement Portraits

Hey everybody! I’d only been to Helena once before, and during that time I had a very specific location I was heading to and didn’t have a chance to look around.  Y’all, Helena is CHARMING!  Kayla and Tyler gave me quite the tour during our engagement session there recently and I found it so sweet. […]


August 20, 2015

Little Rock Wedding Portraits of Hope and Brandon

Hey everybody! I love a good, strong finish. That’s what I’m leaving you with today from Hope and Brandon’s Little Rock wedding. The sun shot out an incredible orange glow over their portrait session… no doubt God’s love for this darling devoted couple. I’m so proud of these portraits and I’m honored that Hope wanted […]


August 13, 2015

Zach Hocker and Sloane Roberts’ engagement session

Hey everybody! I love using what’s in season for my photography sessions; like a chef who bases the menu off what is fresh at the local farmer’s market, I am constantly looking around for what’s beautiful in Fayetteville. Lately, I’ve noticed the crape myrtles looking so vibrant and lush, and I knew that I had […]


August 11, 2015

Springfield Wedding Portraits of Janelle and Brett

Hey everybody! Janelle is so sweet – she and her wedding planner have been fans of Benfield Photography for a long time, and I knew it meant the world to her that we were able to be there for her wedding (and likewise, I love fun, sweet, gorgeous brides… inside and out!). I also know […]


May 31, 2015

Southern Wedding Portraits at Mississippi Plantation for Jana and Shelby

Hey everybody! For me, my job is all about light. I pride myself in finding beautiful light quickly, making what could take a very long time take mere moments. Grooms typically love this about me, because I make the wedding portrait process very simple and very quick. Jana and Shelby had an outdoor southern wedding […]


April 10, 2015

Sara and Toby’s Wedding Portraits #2

Hey everybody! Such a fun week this has been! I’m finishing out Sara and Toby’s wedding with some more of my favorite portraits from their Pratt Place Barn wedding and reception.  It was a fun day packed with love!!  I’m so happy for these two!! Talk to you soon, Dale


April 7, 2015

Sara and Toby’s Wedding Portraits

Hey everybody! Can NOT handle how precious these two are… these portraits are… I just have to start out my series on Sara and Toby’s wedding day with these gems. We were able to shoot to mini portrait sessions of them throughout the day. The first was around the cottage at Pratt Place Inn – […]


March 29, 2015

More from Brandon and Hope’s Spring Engagement Portraits

Hey everybody! Yeah yeah… so I just had to! Day two of one of my very favorite couples, Brandon and Hope. Aren’t they just the MOST PRESH?! Sparkles in eyes are just about the best thing we have here on Earth. That Hope… so excitable. My favorite thing. I love this one SO much!  Ohhh […]


March 28, 2015

Brandon and Hope’s Spring Engagement Portraits in Fayetteville

Hey everybody! Timing is everything. Brandon and Hope have good timing, not just with their lovey-lovey relationship, but with their engagement portraits! It was the FIRST day I saw new blooms on the bushes in trees in Fayetteville, no doubt because of the last burst of rain that came the days before the shoot. Whatever […]


March 2, 2015

Bonnie’s Nashville Fashion Session, Pt 3 << with Benny Backlight!

Hey everybody! We’re finishing up our Nashville sessions today with the darling Bonnie from Bonnie Does It Again. During our first shoot we didn’t get a chance to shoot any Benny Backlight (we need near perfect conditions and locations), so we set out again the next day for our signature look. And we found it! […]


October 26, 2014

Maggie and Jacob’s Little Rock Mini Session

Hey everybody! It broke my heart when I couldn’t shoot Maggie and Jacob’s wedding (I was already booked – super sad face!)… I had already known her for some time when she got engaged and knew that she was double fabulous and triple sweet. I was overjoyed when she signed up for one of our […]


October 25, 2014

Janelle and Brett’s Engagement Session in Joplin

Hey everybody! I have a reality adorable couple on the blog today! Janelle wrote me the best email when we first starting talking about her wedding… she’d been following us for a really long time and had been looking forward to writing us as soon as she got engaged. It was really endearing, and when […]


October 24, 2014

Ashley and Seth’s Fayetteville Engagement Session

Hey everybody! When Ashley asked that we come out to Seth’s family’s land for their engagement portraits, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised by the multitude of choices I had for the engagement session. The light was amazing, and we were even able to get some Benny Backlight. 🙂  Here are […]


October 19, 2014

Napa Wedding at Meadowood for Morgan and Hunter

Hey everybody! I’m so excited to share this wedding at Meadowood Napa Valley Luxury Resort with y’all! Morgan has classic and exquisite style, which was shown in her darling Jimmy Choo wedding shoes and her gorgeous form-fitting wedding gown.  Her wedding details were well thought out and perfectly paired with her entire luxurious wedding feel. […]


October 13, 2014

Brodie’s Two Year Old Portraits

Hey everybody! Brodie is two, y’all!  He’s such a sweet boy, and has a really fun personality! We set out to capture that in our latest shoot in Joplin, MO. His to-die-for smile is probably my favorite part. 🙂 We got a little Benny Backlight too! Yay! Haha… I love this one. So cute. Talk […]


August 29, 2014

Tressa Engagement

Hey everybody! Classic… timeless… I just love these!  We did a few more black and white than we normally do because of the vibe we were getting in this shoot.  Love love love. Talk to you soon, Dale


August 28, 2014

Tressa and Ben’s Autumn Ridge Plantation Engagement Portraits

Hey everybody! Our darling friend Tressa is deep into wedding planning, which means it was time to photograph some engagements.  She has a clear, specific vision for her wedding day (and engagements) so we tailored the first part of her engagement shoot to align with it. I can’t wait for you to see her vision […]


August 14, 2014

Benny Backlight Wedding Portraits of Kirsten and Jordan

Hey everybody! On Kirsten and Jordan’s wedding day, everything worked out perfectly.  Maybe that had to do with Kirsten’s perfect planning skills, or maybe her rad dream team of vendors (Crown Beauty Bar, Finishing Touch Event Design, Pigmint, Boom Kinetic, Retrotender, Tesori, etc.), or maybe some of both.  All I know is, this wedding hardly […]


August 2, 2014

More Benny Backlight Engagement Portraits of Kirsten and Jordan

Hey everybody! TODAY IS THE DAY! Jordan and Kirsten get married today! We have just a few more engagements we wanna share before we reveal her bridals to y’all (coming soon!). We love these Benny Backlight portraits of our super best friends! Enjoy! Talk to you soon, Dale


August 1, 2014

Kirsten and Jordan’s Benny Backlight Engagement Session

Hey everybody! Kirsten’s wedding weekend is finally here! We’ve been anticipating this wedding for so long and can’t be happier for our best friends, who get married TOMORROW! Mere and I met up with them for a mini round two session of engagement portraits shot in our signature little Benny Backlight style. I love these! […]