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When quality matters, it matters. Think of us as the photographers who know the value of authenticity. We've been photographing weddings long enough to anticipate beautiful moments before they happen,
yet realize that every wedding is singular.  Whether you are searching for the top wedding photographer in Northwest Arkansas, or for a destination luxury wedding photographer, we got you.

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“You miraculously captured every moment! It was like you were in 10 places at once. ”

— Benfield Bride, Sidra Galvin

Is this you?

You meticulously chose your wedding cake.
You kept trying dresses until you had that feeling.
The venue had to be just right.
You don't want to settle when it comes to your wedding.

You don't want to wonder if the photographer is capturing all this.

I know this because when I was searching for my own wedding photographer, it seemed like no one fit the bill for everything I wanted. I needed a photographer who could handle any lighting situation, could anticipate reactions, and who was exceptional at portraits. In essence, I felt like I had to choose what was most important to me when it came to my wedding photographer. However...

luxury means you shouldn't have to choose

challenges you might be facing:

You want everything captured perfectly. You love having peace of mind when it comes to photography. We understand. We are perfectionists on a mission to create timeless imagery. 

We get it. Not everyone loves being photographed. We have a rare gift, though, to bring out the best in each and every bride and groom. You'll feel confident, empowered, and... dare we say... sexy after our shoot.

So many decisions, from what to wear for engagements, to which wedding planners make your life easier. We are here to help you through it all (not just the photography). 

You Deserve

Avoiding trends (i.e. dark and moody) ensures you'll look back on your wedding day and see the love you two share, not an out-of-date filter.

Dale has a knack for helping brides and grooms feel comfortable in front of the camera lens (even if they don't enjoy taking photos). 

You can feel confident knowing everything on your wedding day is being photographed perfectly, including portraits, details, and special moments.

“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.” - Coco Chanel


Benfield difference

What sets Michelin Starred restaurants apart from others? What's the difference between an authentic Louis Vuitton piece and a knockoff? Like these iconic brands, Benfield Photography understands the importance of delivering world-class service with attention to the smallest details.


Your brand new photographer friend with benefits 
(not that kind!)

As a luxury wedding photographer located in Northwest Arkansas, I only take 12 weddings per year across the globe so I can devote my time and attention to you. While I'm not a planner, I've been known to create mood boards and wedding day timelines because I'm an enneagram #2 (the helper).

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Feel & Look Your Best for Your Photographs

"Y'all are such a joy to be around and you bring the fun out in your subjects by making them feel at ease and it really shows! My husband usually hates photos but said you can take our photos anytime! That's big praise!"

- Benfield Bride Lydia Corbel


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