Timeless Wedding Photography for Refined Couples Around the Globe

Timeless Wedding Photography for Refined Couples Around the Globe

Timeless Wedding Photography for Refined Couples Around the Globe

Timeless Wedding Photography for Refined Couples Around the Globe

Northwest Arkansas' Premiere Luxury Wedding Photographer, serving NWA, the us, and the world.

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Imagine a world where every tender glance, every gentle touch, and the sheer magic of your wedding day are captured in timeless elegance. At Benfield Photography, we specialize in turning these fleeting moments into everlasting memories. From the nervous excitement that dances in your eyes as you slip into your gown, to the soft whispers shared in the glow of the setting sun, we are there to capture the essence of your love story.

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“You miraculously captured every moment! It was like you were in 10 places at once. ”

— Benfield Bride, Sidra Galvin

You Deserve

Avoiding trends (i.e. dark and moody) ensures you'll look back on your wedding day and see the love you two share, not an out-of-date filter.

Dale has a knack for helping brides and grooms feel comfortable in front of the camera lens (even if they don't enjoy taking photos). 

You can feel confident knowing everything on your wedding day is being photographed perfectly, including portraits, details, and special moments.


As a luxury wedding photographer located in Northwest Arkansas, I only take 12 weddings per year across the globe so I can devote my time and attention to you. While I'm not a planner, I've been known to create mood boards and wedding day timelines because I'm an enneagram #2 (the helper).
Our photography is more than just images; it's about narrating your unique journey with a touch of luxury and a deep understanding of the beauty that lies in the details. Let us encapsulate the laughter, the tears of joy, and the heartfelt glances on your special day, crafting a masterpiece that echoes the depth of your love for years to come.Whether you are searching for the top wedding photographer in Northwest Arkansas, or for a destination luxury wedding photographer, we got you.

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Feel & Look Your Best for Your Photographs

"Y'all are such a joy to be around and you bring the fun out in your subjects by making them feel at ease and it really shows! My husband usually hates photos but said you can take our photos anytime! That's big praise!"

- Benfield Bride Lydia


Interested in working together? I can't wait to hear from you. Use the form below or email directly via dale@benfieldphotography.com 
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