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Amanda Stanton’s Engagement Photos with Michael Fogel



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I’ve been excited to photograph Amanda Stanton’s Engagement Photos ever since the moment Michael proposed. I’ve hoped she would find her husband ever since we became friends in 2019. She is such a sweet person, a loving mom, and deserves the best. Her two daughters do as well (here is a shot I got of Amanda with one of her daughters back a few years ago that is still one of my all-time faves)! We texted almost as soon as it happened, and she asked if I could come out to California to shoot some engagement photos of her and Michael.

A change of plans

However, as we all know, plans change at a moment’s notice. Our trip to California just before Christmas turned into a family trip to Disney, as Amanda had something come up that prevented us from shooting. As bummed as I was, I was still able to drop off a couple of wedding albums. One of them was shot at a location she was considering. I also told her not to worry because I’m sure the time would come when we could photograph her engagements.

Off to Aspen for Amanda Stanton’s Engagement Photos

Guess what! The time to shoot Amanda Stanton’s Engagement Photos came… just like I knew it would! When she said she was going to Aspen, I had an open day in my calendar that I could fly out and photograph. Because Aspen can get crowded, we decided to shoot using the morning light. I set my alarm for a time before sunrise to start prepping for the shoot. When Amanda and Michael arrived, we started with fine art black and white portraits. Yes, I traveled with my portable studio! Then we hopped outside to shoot in the snow. Aspen looked gorgeous as a backdrop, but I wanted to make sure Michael and Amanda were the focus of the images. It’s their love that is the real story, after all. Here are a handful of my favorite images from the shoot. On an Aspen side note, check out Sam Bradford’s wedding I photographed on top of Aspen Mountain!

Amanda Stanton's engagement photos to Michael Fogel in Aspen Colorado
Amanda Stanton's Engagement Photos to Michael took place outside the St. Regis in Aspen. The groom is kissing the bride on her temple surrounded by trees and snowy leaves.
Snowy engagement photos in Aspen of Amanda Stanton and Michael Fogel. We stood in the middle of the road and got in trouble by the police. Worth it though.

I’m so excited to photograph Michael Fogel and Amanda Stanton’s Wedding Photos in 2022! Stay tuned for so many more gorgeous photos of this dreamy couple! Also, if you want to know the 5 best non-sticky self-tanners, Amanda gave us her favorites.

Talk to you soon,


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