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May 22, 2022

A Princess of Dragons: A New Children’s Book

In honor of my friend Amanda having her book release party, here’s a post dedicated to her new children’s book, A Princess of Dragons: The Matlida Story. I met Amanda in college when we were both working for The Chart, Missouri Southern State University’s campus newspaper. I was the Director of Photography for the newspaper…


May 15, 2022

48 Hours at Home

Making the Most of My Time It’s obvious I’m in my busy season. I travel a lot for photography, but I am trying my best to be present with my family when I am not working. This weekend, I spent 48 hours at home (okay, actually 42 hours) and wanted to make the most of…


May 8, 2022

Happy Mother’s Day to Tyler

Little wedding date, momma, and the bride smiling at the camera during golden hour

I never questioned what kind of mother Tyler would be. Often during our dating life, I would see little hints of how caring and nurturing she was. The actual reason escapes me, but for some reason I had to log in to her pinterest for something and saw something that completely melted my heart. She…


May 2, 2022

Momma’s Little Wedding Date

flower girl and young girl in a flower field during a wedding day

This weekend, Scout was Tyler’s Wedding Date at her cousin’s wedding. Of course, I was shooting the wedding, but more on that later. Tyler looked amazing, and of course, Scout was a little heartbreaker. Leading up to the wedding, we prepped Scout on what to expect. She got excited about the idea of dancing with…

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April 21, 2022

My 2nd Shooter and Wife (an appreciation post)

Tyler Benfield posing with her camera while photographing a reception for Benfield Photography

Today I just wanted to take a moment and talk about (and publicly thank) My 2nd Shooter and wife, Tyler. For those who don’t know, Tyler has her own career. After graduating law school and passing the bar, she has worked for government agencies, private law firms, and for 5 years now, Walmart Home Office…


April 17, 2022

Happy Easter from the Benfields

Incredible charcuterie board and cheese board

Happy Easter from the Benfields! This Easter was filled with great food and family time. Tyler’s parents (whom I adore and love spending time with) came to Rogers to hang out with us. Anytime they come over, I try to treat them with my culinary prowess. (I’m lol’ing) I whipped up a charcuterie board and…


April 8, 2022

100 Days Alcohol-Free 🌟

Dale Benfield is on a journey of a sober 2022. Today he is celebrating 100 Days Alcohol Free and shares his struggles and victories on his photo blog.


April 7, 2022

Happy Birthday to Tyler 💕

Sexy NSFW wife in white bra and white jacket playing with her hair

Today I want to wish a Happy Birthday to Tyler. And I want to do that with a story. I was watching Scout this afternoon and she was holding a baby doll. She often holds her baby dolls, carries them around, fake-feeds them, and changes their fake-dirty diapers. It’s really cute to see her interact…


April 3, 2022

Prom Night Portraits for Ellie

Prom night portraits of redhead daughter in a wheat field

I doesn’t seem right that I’m shooting Ellie’s Prom Night Portraits. Wasn’t it just yesterday when we dressed up to go on our daddy/daughter date to Chick-Fil-A? They don’t lie when they say how fast time flies. I met up with Ellie and her friend group for Prom Night Portraits at Mercy Park in Joplin.…


April 2, 2022

Celebrating Cece on Autism Awareness Day

Autism Awareness Day Celebrating Cece

Today is Autism Awareness Day. It is a day to celebrate and spread awareness for all the wonderful people on the Autism spectrum. As a parent Getting the Autism Diagnosis filled me with so many mixed feelings. On one hand, having the diagnosis opened up a world of opportunities for Cece in terms of therapy…


March 30, 2022

Happy Anniversary to the Benfields

Hey everyone! It’s Tyler and my 3rd wedding anniversary today. Instead of writing a bunch of words, I’m going to spend with my wife. Enjoy this fun tiktok-style video though!

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March 29, 2022

Early Tyler + Dale

Early Tyler + Dale Tomorrow, I will have been married to Tyler for 3 years, but today I want to talk about Early Tyler + Dale. I plan to do an anniversary post tomorrow, so you’ll have to come back and read all about it. Anyway, when we first started talking (aka before our first…

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March 18, 2022

Hi from this New Orleans Wedding Photographer!

Hi from this New Orleans Wedding Photographer! This weekend I’m photographing my 3rd Big Easy wedding (Big Easy is a nickname for New Orleans). It’s nice to be back in the deep south. This is Tyler’s first time back in NOLA since Hurricane Katrina, so of course this is Scout’s first time to the area.…

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March 16, 2022

Curl Crush on Tyler

Curl Crush image of wife with curls in her hair with a bra on and an open denim shirt

I’ve got a curl crush, y’all. Today is “Curl Crush Day” which I didn’t know was a real thing. Tyler recently got her hair done by the fabulous Kelly Stuckey and I’m not kidding you… we did a photo shoot that very afternoon. I’m obsessed. With the girl, and with her hair. Check out a…

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March 13, 2022

Spinning Plates, Getting Organized, and Self-Respect: Sunday Superthoughts

I’ll admit, I’m not very good at what I’m talking about today… Can I admit something? I’ve been having a really challenging time getting ahead of the game this year. I’ve never, ever had a problem with procrastination. If you watch me on a normal day, you’ll quickly see that I’m happiest when creating. Furthermore,…

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March 7, 2022

A Photographer’s Headshots

A Photographer's Headshots shot by his wife, he is sitting on a chair touching his head

A Photographer’s Headshots should be a must for every photographer. If you’re shooting them yourself, it forces you to think very purposefully about your posing. Also, you have to know your camera settings inside and out. It’s a great exercise for any photographer, from newbie to veteran. Also, shooting a photographer’s headshots can be nerve-wracking.…

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March 6, 2022

Sexy Headshots of My Wife

sexy headshot of wife wearing husbands white button down shirt biting her finger

There was no specific reason to photograph these Sexy Headshots of My Wife, Tyler, but that didn’t stop me. I’ve been playing around with my style recently, as I tend to do every few years. While avoiding being trendy, I am constantly evolving as a photographer and artist. I read fashion magazines and wedding magazines,…


February 26, 2022

Dance Competition Photos for Ellie’s DMI Weekend

Solo dancer at the DMI competition in Branson MO

Ellie’s DMI Solo Dance Competition was this weekend her Dance Competition Photos look so good! She performed a solo, a duet, and a handful of larger ensemble dances throughout the weekend. Once again she blew me away. She is so talented, but also so hard working. She gets up crazy early every day for dance…


February 16, 2022

Sweetest Birthday Ending

Technically, I lost an hour of my birthday today. I woke up at 5am in Arkansas, and now it’s approaching 11pm here in Ohio. I think I’ll just roll that over and make tomorrow be my birthday as well. First there’s that, and then I spent most of the day at an airport. It was…


February 14, 2022

Happy Valentine’s Day, Friends!

A few years ago on Valentine’s Day, I found myself single and wondered what life would be like in the coming years. I remember feeling a little hopeless. I’m thankful for my therapist, my loyal friends, and my momma who encouraged me and helped me grow in such a crazy time in my life. Honestly,…