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If you're looking for by a Northwest Arkansas wedding photographer, you've hit the right spot! Dale has been photographing Northwest Arkansas weddings for more than a decade. Also, he travels all over Arkansas, the US, and the world as a wedding photographer. His approach as a wedding photographer is capturing real moments and beautiful wedding portraits while becoming friends in the process. His photography is described as timeless, personal, story telling, and beautiful.

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Before we talk about the Best Family Portrait nominees, I have an important question: What is family? To me, family can be so many things. For example, a mom and her fur-baby is totally a family. Likewise, a couple who has each other is a family. Of course, there is always the traditional couple with…

When we were planning her Christmas Card Photo Shoot, Cameron and I KNEW we had to include her two puppies! Even though Cameron and I are friends, I had never met Cubby and Donut in person! Tyler and I were super excited to finally meet (and photograph) Cameron and Beau’s fur babies. How to plan…

Christmas Card Photo Shoot with dogs

It was an exciting weekend for Naty’s family – everybody was in town for the first time in a couple years, and her sister had a little announcement… I was honored to be a part of this celebration, and also honored to be trusted with such an important shoot. I also had the fun opportunity…

couple announces pregnancy to family with sonogram picture

A few times a year, I have the unique privilege of photographing a sweet newborn baby – they’re the best! They smell good, they’re soft and squishy and warm, and they just melt your little heart. Kelsey and Jacob recently had me come to Tulsa to photograph their precious little boy Jace, and I tell…


Mostly sharing things from my personal life (cocktails, kids, and my gorgeous wife), peppered with what I'm currently photographing.