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Photos at Osage House for Allen Family



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As I tiptoe back into work after all the NICU craziness, I wanted to start with this sneak peek of family photos at Osage House for the Allen gang. Aaron and Rachel had their wedding at Osage House, so we agreed that it was the perfect place to bring the family to do some family photography in Northwest Arkansas.

This is just a sneak peek, because I have so many more NWA family photos from this sessions to share soon. But don’t you think Chris (the momma) did a great job of coordinating outfits and colors? I love the look of the cool blues and whites contrasted with the warm browns and greens in the background. They also chose Osage House for their family photos for this reason. They wanted nature, away from structures, but not too far out of town. Osage House fits that bill perfectly, which is why I think it is one of the best NW Arkansas wedding venues around.

Also, special shoutout to Chris and Tom, who followed direction so well for their photos. I don’t always get photos of the parents kissing. However, when I do, I am always glad I did! Aren’t they the most precious couple? The only correct answer is “yes.”

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