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Vendor Spotlight: Osage House Weddings



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Have you heard about Osage House Weddings here in Northwest Arkansas? It’s one of the newer modern wedding venues in the area, and it’s absolutely stunning! It’s also not too far from my house, so it’s a quick trip for me on wedding days!

I recently sat down with Osage House owner Ashley Starnes, to chat about Osage House Weddings. We discussed Osage House, what is trending in the wedding industry, and what’s next for the modern wedding venue. All that and more in our jam-packed 6-minute video. (if you’d rather read the interview, I transcribed it under the video)

00:00:00:01 – 00:00:06:06
Dale / Benfield Photography
Hey, everybody. We are here today with Ashley Starnes, owner of Osage House in Cave Springs.
Ashley, thank you for being here with me today. I’m so excited for this.

00:00:21:04 – 00:00:23:10
Ashley / Osage House
Yeah, I’m excited You asked me to jump on.

History of Osage House Weddings

00:00:23:18 – 00:00:28:07
Dale / Benfield Photography
Yeah. So tell me a little bit about the history of Osage.

Bride and Groom walking outside the Osage Chapel for their Weddings at Osage House

00:00:28:11 – 00:01:02:14
Ashley / Osage House
So we have been open officially since July 2019 we opened our first building, the Reserve. And shortly after that, January 2020, we opened the hall in the chapel. So right before COVID. But we have done great considering all of that fun stuff. So basically we started thinking about designing and building a wedding venue in 2017 and started throwing around some ideas.

00:01:02:14 – 00:01:06:09
Ashley / Osage House
I ended up meeting with several wedding vendors and you were one of them.

00:01:06:12 – 00:01:09:20
Dale / Benfield Photography
I remember that! We had some good times, good coffee, good chats.

00:01:09:23 – 00:01:35:16
Ashley / Osage House
Yeah, yes. Way back when. So I got input from as many vendors that I could meet with and we compiled that into a list. And my husband is an architect, so he designed all the buildings and from there we went through the permitting process, the construction process, and now we have had probably a little over 200 events in that amount of time.

00:01:35:16 – 00:01:38:08
Dale / Benfield Photography
So I mean, that’s insane. Honestly.

00:01:38:19 – 00:01:47:05
Ashley / Osage House
It is crazy to think about. It feels like so long ago and so much has happened. But, at the same time, it was like a blink.

00:01:47:10 – 00:02:11:13
Dale / Benfield Photography
Yeah, totally. Well, it’s just a testament: If you put in the work upfront, you get the meetings and obviously, your husband is insanely talented and really put a lot of thought into such an incredible venue that of course it takes off and does amazing (even in the middle of a freaking pandemic).

00:02:12:01 – 00:02:22:18
Ashley / Osage House
Oh yeah, thankfully it has. We’ve done well so far. Thankfully, it was, you know, starting out in a pandemic was kind of scary, but everybody has been great to work with. So.

What Makes Osage House a Unique Wedding Venue in NWA?

00:02:23:10 – 00:02:27:00
Dale / Benfield Photography
So what’s something that makes Osage unique?

00:02:28:20 – 00:02:58:07
Ashley / Osage House
I would say aside from our aesthetic, we’re slightly more modern, but not crazy modern and kind of a versatile space. But I think also having the chapel where you can do everything on one location, but really, I think our team is so fantastic at what they do and catering to our clients and their needs. That really, I think, sets us apart.

00:02:58:09 – 00:03:03:04
Dale / Benfield Photography
And I will add that groom’s quarters, I mean…

Unique groom's quarters for Weddings at Osage House in Cave Springs

00:03:04:17 – 00:03:24:07
Dale / Benfield Photography
So seldom does any attention get given towards the group like I’ve been in, you know, hundreds of venues and plenty of bridal suites but this downstairs like I seriously would move into it today but.

00:03:24:08 – 00:03:31:16
Ashley / Osage House
I wanted to move in and it’s funny when we give tours a lot of brides will be like I want this space to like this.

00:03:31:17 – 00:03:48:02
Dale / Benfield Photography
It really is like, “me and my girls are going to hanging out down here.” Yeah. So fun. So let’s step away from that for a second and let’s talk about just the wedding world in general. Like trends and fun things.

What are some things that you’re seeing right now that you’re loving in the wedding world?

00:03:48:03 – 00:04:14:00
Ashley / Osage House
There are so many different directions people are going, and I personally in my own life, I like neutrals, but I’m really liking all the color that I’m seeing and people just making things unique and putting colors together that you wouldn’t expect. And it really turns out awesome and especially in the photos to see it how it pops in different ways and it just really stands out.

00:04:14:00 – 00:04:15:12
Ashley / Osage House
So I’m loving all the color.

00:04:15:21 – 00:04:23:24
Dale / Benfield Photography
Nice. That’s a great answer. I’m looking at your space with neutrals and my space with the colors. I like we’ve got it all going on.

00:04:23:24 – 00:04:25:09
Ashley / Osage House
I have a little bit of pink in my background.

00:04:25:11 – 00:04:30:22
Dale / Benfield Photography
Oh, yeah, you do? Yeah. Nice. So good.

So what’s next for Osage House Weddings?

00:04:31:01 – 00:04:55:08
Ashley / Osage House
You know, we are just continuing to try to improve every day. We always try to get as much feedback as we can from previous clients and from vendors to see how we can, you know, offer more and just enhance the experience that we offer. We have a few things that we’re working on that I won’t share yet, but maybe some exciting things coming up.

00:04:55:20 – 00:05:05:13
Ashley / Osage House
And we also have Emily, who does our special events, and she’s working on some fun things as well. So some events that will host kind of in-house. That’ll be fun.

00:05:05:23 – 00:05:20:04
Dale / Benfield Photography
Nice. I like these teasers because apparently, we’re going to have to have another conversation sometime in the near future that that exciting stuff. So I’m very proud of you. That’s amazing.

How can brides get in touch with you?

00:05:20:04 – 00:05:45:23
Ashley / Osage House
They can follow us on Instagram. That’s probably the best place to see everything current. And we are at Osage House on Instagram and also on Facebook at H House. Our website is, I would say TRANSCOM, and we’re also on Pinterest and I think we’re on tech talk. I am not a tech talker, but I think we’re on there.

00:05:45:23 – 00:05:48:11
Ashley / Osage House
Emily has us set up on there for some of that stuff too.

00:05:48:20 – 00:06:09:16
Dale / Benfield Photography
Yeah, good stuff. OK, well I will link all of those things if any of y’all want to reach out to Ashley or Osage House to book your event tour then, then follow the links. Ashley, thank you so much for your time today. Congratulations on all your success and it’s always so fun chatting with you thank you.

00:06:09:16 – 00:06:10:11
Ashley / Osage House
Great to see you.

Flower girls walking down the aisle showing the all-white wedding chapel in Arkansas available for Weddings at Osage House

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