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August 30, 2022

Little Soccer Star (and her Sexy Soccer Mom)

2 year old girl kid celebrates after scoring her first goal in soccer

Let me tell you the story of how our little soccer star came to be. We noticed a few weeks ago that Scout was starting to get possessive of things. While this is a normal occurrence in her child development, she would make the meanest faces at others who were encroaching on her space or […]

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August 28, 2022

Sunday Weekly Roundup #6: (alpacas, Venus, and lollipops)

I’m stepping up my recap game this week. Make sure to read until the end. We’ve got memes, we’ve got infographics, we’ve got quotes, and we’ve got photos of the week! I designed all these (and made templates) so if you like it I’ll keep this new format going. Let me know your thoughts! The […]

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August 27, 2022

My PB No-Bake Cookie Recipe

pb no bake cookie recipe

I’m venturing outside my typical Arkansas wedding photographer posts today and sharing my pb no-bake cookie recipe. I remember the first time I had peanut butter and chocolate no-bake cookies. My Grandma Benfield made a batch, and I watched as she melted and swirled butter in the sauce pot she was using. Unfortunately, that was […]

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August 17, 2022

Disney Single Rider, and Other Disney Vacation Tips

Disney Vacation Tips to make it seem like you're the only one at Disneyworld with no wait times on rides, like you see here in this picture of Walt Disney holding Mickey Mouse's hand at sunset.

When I bumped into past Benny Bride Morgan (who had this incredible wedding at Meadowood Napa Valley) today, I gave her a few Disney Vacation Tips. I don’t typically just spout out vacation tips for Disneyworld. However, I just got back from Orlando, and she leaves to go with her husband, 1-year-old, and 4-year-old on […]

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August 10, 2022

Announcing: Chronically Overpacked, a travel + parenting tips blog for your reading pleasure

cancun family photographer image of a mother and young daughter at sunset on a balcony at the Ritz Carlton in Cancun

While I’m letting go of old web domains and side projects, Tyler has just launched her own parenting tips blog side hustle: Chronically Overpacked. Tyler is one of the OG bloggers of the world. She is one hell of a writer and has a gift for knowing what you want to know. She has had […]

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July 24, 2022

Sunday Weekly Roundup

The Sunday Weekly Roundup is a new post I’m going to be doing each week on Sunday. Instead of having a specific focus throughout the post, like I do throughout the week, the Sunday Weekly Roundup won’t. Expect random thoughts. Expect random stories. These posts might read more like diary entries some days, and brainstorms […]

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July 20, 2022

Top 5 Wedding Movies of All Time

Top 5 Wedding Movies of All Time includes Rachel McAdams laughing at night in About Time

This blog is kind of like a wedding blog, so I thought today we could discuss the Top 5 Wedding Movies of All Time. I know… so controversial, right? 😉 I’m a huge Hallmark fan, and while I’d love to include all my favorite wedding-related Hallmark movies into the mix, I think we need to […]

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July 17, 2022

Easy Creme Brulee Recipe with Candied Lemon Peel

Creme Brulee Recipe with Candied Lemon Peel and fresh berries

In honor of Ellie’s birthday week, I’m sharing my easy creme brulee recipe on the blog. Q: “But wait… this isn’t a food blog is it?”A: This is a Dale blog. And Dale loves food and cooking. So… today it is! Ellie’s favorite dessert her entire life has been creme brulee. I can’t remember the […]

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July 11, 2022

How to Take Family Photos with My iPhone

Mother and daughter model as I Take Family Photos with My iPhone

I didn’t mean to have to take family photos with my iPhone, I swear. I bought a new battery charger (this one, DO NOT BUY IT) and when I pulled the battery off this afternoon, the screen read “100%.” The problem is, when I turned on my camera at Crystal Bridges to take my first […]

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July 8, 2022

Ask Me Anything Anonymously

Beach family pictures at the Ritz-Carlton in Cancun of a dad and daughter walking along the beach.

If you’re on Instagram, you’ve likely seen the new stories that let you ask me / the person anything anonymously (or give them a comment anonymously). Well, I decided to hop on the trend so you can ask me something you’ve wanted to ask but are maybe too shy, too afraid, too proud, etc. Just […]

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July 6, 2022

Wedding Pictures at the Ritz-Carlton Cancun

wedding pictures at the Ritz-Carlton Cancun of a flower girl dressed in white.

This blog post details Scout’s pretend Wedding Pictures at the Ritz-Carlton Cancun, as she coined herself. This girl just breaks my heart sometimes. On our last night of family vacation at the Cancun at the Ritz-Carlton, we put Scout in a white dress for our evening festivities. I told her how pretty she looked and […]

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June 19, 2022

3 Reasons You Should Subscribe to The Benfield Photography Blog

Vogue Bridal Photographer shoots stunning brunette bride in blush pink wedding dress from Monique Lhuillier

If you’re new here, there are 3 main reasons you should subscribe to The Benfield Photography Blog. I update this blog every single day. Yes, even on Sundays. Yes, even on Christmas Day. It’s a labor of love, but yes I truly love this blog. Reason #1 to Subscribe to the Benfield Photography Blog The […]

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June 17, 2022

Theme Idea for 18th Birthday Party

I’m no party planner, but I do love this theme idea for 18th birthday party that Ellie has come up with. Yes, Ellie is turning 18 in just over a month – how is that possible? Do y’all remember when she was the 4-year-old voice you heard when you came to this blog? It’s so […]

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June 2, 2022

How to Take Great Food Photos

how to take great food photos for pizza party night by shooting the final pizza shot as a overhead flatlay

We recently had a pizza party night with friends and family, so I thought I would take the opportunity to show How to Take Great Food Photos. You’ve heard a lot about JP, best buddy and best man at my wedding. We try to go to Troy, NY, every year to stay with him and […]

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May 31, 2022

This Photographer’s Obsession with Efficiency

nest thermostat and speaker installed for maximum obsession with efficiency

When is Obsession with Efficiency a Problem? When is an Obsession with Efficiency a problem? Today was what I call a “throw-away day.” Throw-away days are when you get very little “real work” done because other tasks take up your entire day. Do you ever have those? You don’t wake up expecting to spend your […]

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May 22, 2022

A Princess of Dragons: A New Children’s Book

In honor of my friend Amanda having her book release party, here’s a post dedicated to her new children’s book, A Princess of Dragons: The Matlida Story. I met Amanda in college when we were both working for The Chart, Missouri Southern State University’s campus newspaper. I was the Director of Photography for the newspaper […]

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May 20, 2022

The Importance of Fine Dining Food Photography at a Wedding

Fine Dining Food Photography is a necessary skill for any luxury wedding photographer. At the Northwest Arkansas weddings I photograph, Benny brides spend so much effort and attention (not to mention money) on making sure the menu is perfect for the guests. As such, the culinary team takes great care to craft beautiful dishes and […]

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April 23, 2022

Digital Photography Class in High School

Luxury Wedding Photographer Dale Benfield is a guest speaker for Joplin High School Digital Photography Class

Wednesday, I was the guest speaker at Ellie’s Digital Photography Class at Joplin High School. Though I didn’t tell her at the time, but leading up to my speaking engagement I was pretty nervous. I wasn’t nervous about teaching high schoolers about photography; I have done that dozens of times. Mostly, I was nervous about […]

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March 17, 2022

Editing Before and After: Two Looks

Editing before and after image of sexy black model wearing no bra and denim shirt

I love editing before and after photos. Most photographers don’t love editing. It’s the “drudgery work” that often lacks sexiness. It’s busywork. But not for me! I find it so fascinating that I can change the look and feel and vibe of an image by playing around with the photo’s raw settings. I’m very curious […]

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March 16, 2022

Curl Crush on Tyler

Curl Crush image of wife with curls in her hair with a bra on and an open denim shirt

I’ve got a curl crush, y’all. Today is “Curl Crush Day” which I didn’t know was a real thing. Tyler recently got her hair done by the fabulous Kelly Stuckey and I’m not kidding you… we did a photo shoot that very afternoon. I’m obsessed. With the girl, and with her hair. Check out a […]