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I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas {Music Video}



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The Dreaming of a White Christmas Cover is LIVE!

I’m so PROUD to finally get to share this cover of Dreaming of a White Christmas I shot for Arrow Senior Living. Arrow is my biggest corporate client outside of weddings. Each year we produce a music video featuring residents of Arrow Senior Living communities, and this is by far my favorite one we have ever created! Amanda Tweten, COO of Arrow Senior Living, conceptualized this poignant story of a grandpa thinking back on white Christmases he knew as a child and wanting to share those experiences with our little ones.

Vision and Intention of Dreaming of a White Christmas Video

Here’s Amanda discussing her vision and intention behind our Dreaming of a White Christmas video:

“This tradition began many years ago and continues to be one of my most favorite annual holiday moments. 

From the selection of our song in late June to resident practices beginning in the late summer, visits to recording studios in the fall, and filming on sets as the festive season begins, the time spent together working on this project is a joyful investment.

Over 150 individuals come together during this time, each making unique contributions to our holiday cause. Emily and Heather piece together songbooks. Mary leads choir rehearsals. Resident Services Directors coordinate practices. Dale, Lenny, Katarina, and Rochelle log miles to film recording studio visits. Gwyn designs the holiday sets, and Brandon meticulously orchestrates song and video production. Just to name a few. There is so much heart put into creating an experience residents and their families can always cherish.

When asked why Arrow takes the time each year to create this special video, my response is always the same, it is to capture our memories so that they can live on with us each holiday season.”

So… Much… Footage

When shooting the Dreaming of a White Christmas cover, I spent two months traveling to all of Arrow Senior Living communities (around 30) photographing and videoing the residents. We played with silly props, recorded our voices in actual recording studios across the midwest, and shared so much laughter. In the end, we had somewhere between 50-75 hours of footage to comb through. From that, the 5 minute version above was born.

So… Much… to be Thankful For

The story is really told beautifully. I can’t take credit for that, as Amanda, Brandon Schleeter, and others worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make it happen. Arrow Senior Living has an incredible team of creative and caring people who do best-in-class work. I’m very thankful to be one of their vendors, but even more thankful to call them friends.

I hope this puts a smile on your face and sets your heart up for a beautiful Christmas time. And for those in this audience who celebrate the holidays other ways, I wish you happiness and love throughout this season.

Talk to you soon,

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