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Senior Living Apartment at Vitalia / Cribs Episode



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One of the really fun projects I’ve been working on recently is a film project. Remember MTV Cribs? Well, I thought it would be fun to do a Cribs type episode for a Vitalia Senior Living Apartment. I picked my friend Lois, who lives at Vitalia Montrose (remember my other post about her?) and of course she was fantastic. Her apartment in senior living is not like anything you remember your own grandparents living in. She included some of the art she has acquired over the years. She also had some really interesting antiques that gives her home so many personal touches. Yeah, not like the apartments you remember.

Which, honestly, is why I wanted to do this. The client I shoot for, Arrow Senior Living, creates incredible communities with fun activities, killer food, and beautiful apartments. I wanted to show that it’s not like the “nursing homes” or “old folks homes” you visited in elementary school. Check out this incredible Senior Apartment…

I haven’t thought much about where I am going to live when I’m retired. I do hope, however, that wherever it is, it has these vibes (and that I have that quality of life, lol).

Talk to you soon,

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