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Vitalia Montrose Senior Living: My Friend Lois



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Feature from Vitalia Montrose Senior Living

I posted a story about Henry recently from Vitalia Montrose Senior Living who wakes up early every Wednesday morning to bake breads for his community. Today I’m sharing another story from Vitalia Montrose about a darling resident named Lois. Lois and I hit it off immediately. And by immediately I mean it only took us mere seconds before we knew we were kindred spirits. Vitalia Montrose multiple times since then and I always stop by to catch up with my dearest friend, Lois.

Lois has lived an amazing life! Not only has she traveled the world, raised a family, published multiple books of poetry, but she is also a certified sex therapist. The first time she told me, I was so surprised about how open and candid she spoke about such things; however, the more I visited with her, and the more she shared her views of the world with me, the more it made perfect sense.

Throughout my visits with Lois, I’ve recorded a podcast episode about finding love late in life, which I hope to publish soon. I also have been shooting photos and videos of her that I’ve now packaged together in the minute-long video you’ll find below. I would love for you to take a look at it!

Vitalia Montrose Senior Living resident Lois, photographed in black and white by Benfield Photography
Fine Art Portrait of Lois from Vitalia Montrose Senior Living

Talk to you soon,

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