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November 20, 2022

Street Style Senior Portraits for Ellie

street style senior pictures in NYC in front of a flower wall

Ellie decided to show off her street style in her senior portraits. The NYC trip found us “revel”ing all over the city. (Revel is the all-Tesla ubers in NYC – get $10 off your first ride with code “DALEB5221” and know you’re going to travel in a nice car for the same-ish price as an […]

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November 13, 2022

Ellie’s Senior Pictures in Polka Dots

Senior Pictures in Polka Dots at night in NYC Times Square

Ellie’s Senior Pictures in Polka Dots was one of the few outfit and location combinations we didn’t pre-visualize. In fact, we were looking to shoot this gorgeous black 3-piece outfit with some neon lights, but couldn’t find them. So, we wandered around times square in NYC looking for a location that would accentuate the details […]

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November 6, 2022

Museum of Ice Cream Senior Pictures in NYC

Senior Pictures in NYC at the Museum of Ice Cream on a swing

I’ve previously shared a few of Ellie’s Senior Pictures in NYC at the Museum of Ice Cream (love the rainbow arch), and today we get to unveil some more! I hope you’re ready for the color pink. Because there is a lot of pink in today’s post. I mean… a LOT of pink. Can you […]

Senior Portraits

October 30, 2022

Harry Potter Themed Senior Pictures

Harry Potter themed senior pictures at Belvedere Castle in NYC

Ellie chose the coolest spot for her Harry Potter Themed Senior Pictures. Did you know that there is a castle in Central Park? Ellie did! Belvedere castle sits in the middle of Central Park in NYC, and Ellie chose it as the perfect place to shoot her Slytherin / Harry Potter themed senior pictures It’s […]

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October 26, 2022

Urban Senior Pictures in Tulsa, Jensen in Red

Jensen’s Urban Senior Pictures in Tulsa are some of my all-time favorites! I love her red outfit – most seniors shy away from such a bold color, but not Jensen! She rocked it. Even though she lives in Joplin (and I’m in NWA), we picked to do her urban senior pictures in Tulsa for this […]

Senior Portraits

October 24, 2022

Jensen’s Senior Pictures in Tulsa: the White Dress Session

senior pictures in Tulsa at woodward park of a brunette senior in a mini short white dress sitting on a rock staircase.

We decided to shoot Jensen’s senior pictures in Tulsa as soon as I saw her Pinterest board. I typically have clients share Pinterest boards with me, or create one together. I thrive on planning photo shoots so that there are no surprises when the actual shoot comes. Pre-visualization is a technique a lot of photographers […]

Senior Portraits

October 23, 2022

Ellie’s NYC Senior Pictures at the W Hotel

Senior Pictures at the W Hotel in NYC Times Square

While most of Ellie’s NYC senior pictures were thoroughly planned, her Senior Pictures at the W Hotel were not. I’ve always loved staying at W Hotels when I travel. I’m a Marriott lifetime loyal member because of the W Hotel. The W belonged to SPG, but was later acquired by Marriott. Yes, they bought my […]

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October 16, 2022

Senior Photos in a Bookstore in NYC for Ellie

Senior Photos in a Bookstore

This Senior Photos in a Bookstore session is a total vibe. You’ll notice they aren’t the bright and poppy photos you’re used to seeing on my luxury wedding photographer website. Because we shot in a vintage used bookstore in NYC, I wanted to shoot and edit the photos with a more vintage feel. I’ve never […]

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October 3, 2022

More Senior Pictures in Water for Taegan

Taegan’s senior portraits in NWA Bentonville

Can we please do back-to-back senior pictures in water posts? I’ve already shared one post of senior photos in water for Taegan, but there are so many good shots that we have to share another. Today’s post is a little more tame… no dipping hair into the water and flinging it, lol. But we do […]

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October 2, 2022

NYC Senior Photos in the Hudson River

NYC senior photos in the Hudson River of a girl in a green flowy dress.

I recently ran a post about Taegan’s NWA senior pictures in water, but I also shot some NYC Senior Photos in the Hudson River of Ellie! If shooting senior pictures in water is a new trend, sign me up! I absolutely adore these photos of Ellie, and the water adds a whole new element! As […]

Senior Portraits

September 26, 2022

Senior Photos in Water for Taegan

senior photos in water in NWA by Benfield Photography

It might sound nuts to photograph senior photos in water, but when did that ever stop me from shooting a photo? Taegan sent me DM on Instagram about two weeks before we were to shoot her senior pictures in Northwest Arkansas with one request: senior photos in water. Challenge accepted! I wasn’t sure where I […]

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September 25, 2022

Senior Pictures at NYU

Senior pictures at NYC standing outside in a oversized white button shirt as a dress swinging on a pole, a blue vest and a dress coat

If a particular college is your 3rd or 4th choice, does it still make sense to get your senior pictures taken there? It does if it’s NYU and we happen to be taking senior pictures in NYC. As I’m sure you’re aware of by now, Ellie and I curated and styled the most epic senior […]

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September 19, 2022

Bentonville Senior Pictures for Taegen

Bentonville Senior Pictures location ideas include the ivy wall at the Cutting Room theatre near a tyedye wall

Our next installment of Taegan’s Bentonville senior pictures take place at the most unlikely of places: A movie theatre. There is a really cool theatre in downtown Bentonville (think: a modern architecture version of Alamo Drafthouse) that had 4 different background textures to use for senior photos. Since I hadn’t shot at this venue before, […]

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September 18, 2022

Senior Pictures at a Vinyl Store for Ellie

artsy senior pictures in a vinyl store for our redhead senior surrounded by old records

Ellie’s Senior Picture Ideas are the BEST Our next contribution to the NYC senior portraits series are senior pictures at a vinyl store. This was all Ellie’s idea, but as soon as I heard it I was completely on board. My love for vinyl goes back to my childhood, as it was what we listened […]

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September 13, 2022

Taegan’s Senior Portraits in NWA

Senior portraits in NWA in a field of yellow flowers for a high school senior

Taegan isn’t from Northwest Arkansas, but that didn’t deter her from getting her senior portraits in NWA. She wanted something different than her friends from Joplin High School, so she and her family made the short drive to the Natural State for gorgeous senior pictures. Today I’m going to share some of my favorites from […]

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September 12, 2022

Senior Pictures at Museum of Ice Cream for Ellie

Senior Pictures at Museum of Ice Cream of teenage girl with red hair in a rainbow archway

These senior pictures at the Museum of Ice Cream in NYC are some of my favorites. The MOIC has a bunch of different rooms that all make for great photos, and today we are sharing one of my favorite rooms, the rainbow arch. It took some patience and skill to shoot in this spot because […]

Senior Portraits

September 6, 2022

Senior Portraits in a Subway Station for Ellie

Senior Portraits in a Subway Station? Why not! Is it illegal to shoot photos in a subway? Absolutely not, so we thought we could depict Ellie’s love for travel by using the trains of a subway station for her senior pictures. We put a lot of thought into this shoot from beginning to end. The […]

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April 4, 2022

Model ➡️ Senior ➡️ Bride: Caroline Fox

Fall senior portraits of sexy senior posing in front of fall leaves

This weekend I have the unique opportunity to photograph a client from model to senior to bride. Way back, I photographed Caroline’s fall senior pictures (aka fall graduation pics) in 2014. Actually, I remember the shoot so well. We photographed her senior pictures in Eureka Springs, and she killed the shoot. Obviously, I knew she […]

Senior Portraits

February 20, 2022

NWA Graduation Portrait Photographer: RJ’s Portraits

Fashionable senior student in a sexy outfit consisting of a black top with puffy sleeves and cut off jean shorts.

Something most people don’t realize I am is an NWA Graduation Portrait Photographer. Because I shoot and post so many weddings, wedding posts dominate the blog and website. However, I absolutely LOVE photographing graduating seniors. It’s such an incredibly important time in life. It definitely deserves to be documented. I thought I’d spend some time […]

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December 31, 2019

Best Graduation Portraits and Style Portrait Nominees: 11th Benny Awards

The Best Graduation Portraits and Style Portraits of the year are here! This category is new to the Benny Awards, and I’m excited to share. Because so many of my clients are non-wedding, I felt I needed to add this category. What do you think? Being a graduating senior is an important milestone in any […]