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Senior Pictures at a Vinyl Store for Ellie



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Ellie’s Senior Picture Ideas are the BEST

Our next contribution to the NYC senior portraits series are senior pictures at a vinyl store. This was all Ellie’s idea, but as soon as I heard it I was completely on board. My love for vinyl goes back to my childhood, as it was what we listened to when I was a small kid (then tapes, and then CDs). I bought Ellie her first record player for Christmas a few years ago, along with some of my all-time favorite vinyl albums. She hangs them on the wall in her bedroom because vinyl album covers are art (try to persuade me otherwise!). Therefore, it makes perfect sense that we would take artsy senior pictures in a record store for Ellie’s senior pictures in NYC.

Dale and Ellie, the trouble makers

There was a point when we were taking Ellie’s senior pictures at the vinyl store that I thought we were going to get kicked out. Because I’ve always shot so quickly, I’ve learned that it’s better to ask forgiveness than permission. Usually I’m finished shooting before anyone even notices. However, a gentleman came over to ask us what we were shooting for and after we explained it was for her senior pictures, he didn’t mind! He was keeping commercial photographers from shooting without paying, so I totally get it! We didn’t get kicked out, and we got some killer shots!

artsy senior pictures in a vinyl store for our redhead senior surrounded by old records

I think that senior pictures in a vinyl store just beg to be in black and white. I love the collection below. Ellie and I found this outfit at Guess when we were shopping in Florida, not knowing it would make an appearance for her senior pictures. The black denim romper was perfect for a vintage feeling photo shoot in the record store, don’t you think?

Want to see more of Ellie’s senior pictures? Check out the links below.

Senior pictures at the Museum of Ice Cream in NYC

Senior pictures in a NYC subway station

Talk to you soon,

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