Kristin Chenoweth married Josh Bryant on a private estate in Dallas Texas, along with their fur baby Thunder.

It was a weekend filled with tender moments and a few tears as Kristin Chenoweth married Josh Bryant at a private estate in Dallas, Texas. They saved their first look for her walk down the aisle, and both teared up as they looked at one another's face for the first time on their wedding day. The celebrity wedding was attended by fellow Broadway royalty, musicians, and movie stars, who all flew to Dallas to celebrate this incredible couple.  View the gallery below (all images copyrighted...please don't publish, thanks!):

“Dale! You are awesome! You killed it!

I love everything!

- Kristin Chenoweth

Broadway star Kristin Chenoweth married musician Josh Bryant in Dallas Texas on Saturday, September 2nd. The celebrity couple had the dreamiest wedding with the most florals I have ever seen in one place! Kristin Chenoweth's wedding dress, well dresses, were custom designed by Pamella Roland, and they matched Kristin's personality and style perfectly. 
This wedding was published exclusively with and People magazine, and then later with ABC and Good Morning America. 

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