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Kristin Chenoweth’s Wedding Dress



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Kristin Chenoweth’s Wedding Dress, well… DRESSES, were two of my favorite wedding details. As Kristin Chenoweth’s wedding photographer, I got to spend the weekend with her and Josh, photographing the most wonderful moments, impeccable details, and beautiful portraits. I’ll be sharing all those with you over the coming days, but today is all about Kristin Chenoweth’s Wedding Dress. Trust me, it deserves its own story post!

Kristin Chenoweth’s Wedding Dresses were custom designed by Pamella Roland is an American couture dress designer for more than 20 years. I vividly recall audibly gasping when I unzipped the two dress bags hanging in the closet.

Kristin Chenoweth's wedding dress designer created a gorgeous chanel pink bow on the back, as seen here when she walks with her husband on their wedding day.

Her reception dress was just as stunning, and you’ll see that she included the bow again as a recurring statement detail.

Kristin Chenoweth's wedding dress as she leaves her reception with husband Josh Bryant amidst guests throwing flower petals.

And because People had the exclusive for Saturday, it’s now okay for me to share this never-before-seen photo of Kristin Chenoweth’s wedding dress in one of her indoor bridal portraits I photographed on the wedding day. Typically, I photograph bridal portraits about 4-5 weeks before the wedding day, but with schedules aligning, we couldn’t. Instead, we carved out an hour on the wedding day to photograph Kristin in her wedding dress. They came out beautifully! also published a story with quotes from Kristin about her dress and the designer. If you’re interested in learning more, check out this link. The Wicked star has such great style, and the most fun personality of anyone you’ll ever meet, so give it a read!

Thanks for being here!

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