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Josh Bryant and Kristin Chenoweth’s Rehearsal Dinner



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Josh Bryant and Kristin Chenoweth’s Rehearsal Dinner rocked my socks off. First, the Capital Grille makes the best steaks, so I knew I would eat well. But what’s more, I spent time photographing Kristin and Josh outside their rehearsal dinner space. These are some of my favorite engagement portraits ever. The couple shows their love and affection so well, which makes my job quite easy.

Kristin Chenoweth kisses Josh Bryant in an engagement portrait surrounded by trees. She is wearing a short white dress with sparkly heels.

After their portrait session, I changed into moment-mode for Josh Bryant and Kristin Chenoweth’s Rehearsal Dinner. I found myself tearing up during the speeches, and every time I looked over at my long-time friend, Josh. Josh beamed all weekend. So did his bride. They also both teared up a couple of times while their friends and family shared sentimental stories about the couple.

Kristin Chenoweth and Josh Bryant share an intimate moment of prayer during their candlelit rehearsal dinner.

At dinner, the couple spent time with each and every guest. One part that stood out to me was when Kristin spent time with her parents. As a dad of 4, I choke up whenever kids share special moments with their parents.

The ambiance during Josh Bryant and Kristin Chenoweth’s Rehearsal Dinner was moody and lovely. I love candlelit dinners. The mood set the stage for intimate moments. With my camera in my hands, I went to work doing what I love to do as a luxury wedding photographer. Check out some more highlights from their rehearsal dinner, and come back soon for more from Kristin Chenoweth’s wedding weekend with Josh Bryant.

Talk to you soon,

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