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NYC Senior Photos in the Hudson River



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I recently ran a post about Taegan’s NWA senior pictures in water, but I also shot some NYC Senior Photos in the Hudson River of Ellie! If shooting senior pictures in water is a new trend, sign me up! I absolutely adore these photos of Ellie, and the water adds a whole new element! As always, we started conservatively (aka: not directly into the water) as we warmed up. The water was gorgeous, and the city in the background was the perfect backdrop for Ellie’s NYC senior photos.

NYC senior photos in the Hudson River of a girl in a green flowy dress.

And then I switched my view slightly for an entirely different lighting scheme and backdrop. Isn’t it wild how different a photo can look just by stepping a few feet to the side?

NYC Senior Photos in the Hudson River

I LOVE the mood of this next shot. Of all her NYC Senior Photos, this next one is in my top 5. It shows a panoramic of New York City in the background with bridges on either side. The dark black and white mood look so good here!

I’m definitely going to have more of Ellie’s senior pics in the Hudson soon! They’re too good not to keep sharing! Ellie, babe, maybe you should be a model?

Talk to you soon,

For more of Ellie’s senior photos in NYC, check out the links below:
Ellie’s Senior Pictures at NYU
Senior pictures in a record store
Ellie’s Senior pictures at the Museum of Ice Cream
Senior pictures in a subway station

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