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Senior Pictures at NYU



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If a particular college is your 3rd or 4th choice, does it still make sense to get your senior pictures taken there? It does if it’s NYU and we happen to be taking senior pictures in NYC. As I’m sure you’re aware of by now, Ellie and I curated and styled the most epic senior portraits session of all time. Haha! When we booked our trip to NYC for her senior pictures, we created a list a mile long of ideas we wanted to try during our trip. Then, Ellie found the absolute best outfits to wear at each of those locations.

Senior pictures at NYC standing outside in a oversized white button shirt as a dress swinging on a pole, a blue vest and a dress coat

About the ‘fit

Speaking of Ellie’s outfit, I’m not going to lie about the way I initially felt. When she wanted one of my white button-down dress shirts to wear, I thought “cool.” But when she said she was going to wear it with now pants, I had to take a little leap of faith. Of course, Ellie is 18 years old and can make her own decisions, but I’m still her dad and want to shape and guide her to make the best decisions. In the end, I actually loved the look. It was super cute and totally fit the vibe of senior pictures at NYU.

I’ve been playing around with my editing style for senior portraits lately. Based on the new editing style for model shoots (and this post of sexy headshots of my wife), I thought I would apply that style to these senior pictures. It mutes the colors and adds a little shift, but I love what happens to skin tones when I start adding this style to them.

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