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Starling’s Graduation Portraits at the University of Arkansas



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It’s graduation season so I want to take a minute to share these Graduation Portraits at the University of Arkansas for Starling. Starling is a Chi Omega at the University (just like Ellie!), so she brought her cords and stole to wear with her cap and gown. We had such a fun time photographing her senior photos on the Old Main lawn. Check out some of my favorites below. This first shot was a special request from Starling. She wanted to recreate an image made from her high school graduation photos when she graduated from Fayetteville High School. We nailed it, and it turned out so fun!

Graduate Portraits at University of Arkansas of gorgeous redhead college senior throwing her cap and wearing her gown.

Not all of Starling’s Graduation Portraits at the University of Arkansas involved her cap and gown. I think it’s important to express your individuality, and when you are into fashion (as Starling is!)… expressive outfits are a must!

When photographing her Graduation Portraits at the University of Arkansas, Starling, her mother, and I went to some of our favorite spots on campus. This spot has always been one of my favorites, and knew it would look great with her outfits.

And then of course, we had to photograph with Old Main in the background. The Old Main lawn is such a perfect spot for graduation portraits. Happy graduation to all the seniors out there! Well done!!

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