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Tulsa Senior Pictures in a Bed of Ivy for Jensen



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Cute high school Senior Pictures in a Bed of Ivy covered ground wearing floral dress in Tulsa OK

These Senior Pictures in a Bed of Ivy mark the 3rd senior pictures in Tulsa I’ve posted for Jensen. Her 3rd outfit of the shoot was a lovely floral dress with the cutest shoulders. Jensen requested, if possible, shooting with a weeping willow. I also love the look of Weeping Willows in photographs, so we scouted Tulsa until we found a great area with a gorgeous willow. It also had a bed of ivy that I wanted to photograph her senior pictures in as well. It was a great way to end our senior pictures in Tulsa.

Don’t worry, I’ll have more from Jensen’s senior pictures coming up. We also shot some senior pictures at a bookstore in Fayetteville. They are some of my recent favorites, so stay tuned!

Here are a few others with the weeping willow in Tulsa that I just love. You can almost feel the soft wind blow when you look at these images.

This one is probably one of my very favorite Senior Pictures in a Bed of Ivy we took. The direct over angle gives a really cool feeling as you look at this image, and Jensen has the best soft smile that completes this photograph.

Cute high school Senior Pictures in a Bed of Ivy covered ground wearing floral dress in Tulsa OK

Talk to you soon,

Looking for more senior pictures in Tulsa for Jensen?
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