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Street Style Senior Portraits for Ellie



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Ellie decided to show off her street style in her senior portraits. The NYC trip found us “revel”ing all over the city. (Revel is the all-Tesla ubers in NYC – get $10 off your first ride with code “DALEB5221” and know you’re going to travel in a nice car for the same-ish price as an uber). We knew we wanted to do some street style senior portraits with Ellie wearing all black. I envisioned her running across an intersection or hailing a cab. However, when I saw this flower wall on the upper east side, we had to shoot that as well. I love the soft muted colors of the florals in the background. They still pop against Ellie’s black outfit, but don’t overtake it with vibrance.

street style senior pictures in NYC in front of a flower wall

I always feel so inspired shooting new places (which is why the “have you shot at ______ before” isn’t a relevant question for me). I love scoping out pretty light and dreamy backdrops no matter my location. I’ve done it all over the world for more than a decade, and feel honored that I got to do that for Ellie’s senior pictures. While she did most of the planning, I brought my A game to the photo shoot.

There is a special sneak peek below of more of Ellie’s street style senior portraits in NYC. I love her outfit and all black vibe. Grab the YSL leather handback here. And her Saint Laurent sunglasses were from Saks off 5th.

Talk to you soon,

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