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Ellie’s Senior Pictures in Polka Dots



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Ellie’s Senior Pictures in Polka Dots was one of the few outfit and location combinations we didn’t pre-visualize. In fact, we were looking to shoot this gorgeous black 3-piece outfit with some neon lights, but couldn’t find them. So, we wandered around times square in NYC looking for a location that would accentuate the details in Ellie’s outfit. Finally, we found the LITERALLY PERFECT backdrop. It was also black, and it also had polka dots, but reversed from Ellie’s tip. Notice the repeated pattern composition trick I used here to draw your eye into our model.

Senior Pictures in Polka Dots at night in NYC Times Square

Speaking of model, as we were shooting these shots we hear a little girl say this: “Look mom it’s a model!” That, obviously, made us feel pretty great, but Ellie was already rocking the confident look in her senior pictures in polka dots. Also, can we take a moment for these white patent leather boots? Goodness.

Senior Pictures in Polka Dots at night in NYC Times Square

You might wonder how to light senior pictures at night. These images were taken in the dark with only the polka dots lighting the way, so I had to add some light. I wanted it to look natural, though, so I lit Ellie in a way that looked like it was the polka dots lighting her. A simple off-camera light did the trick. (get that light here)

This senior pictures in polka dots series was short and sweet (kinda like this blog post), but definitely one of my favorites. Sometimes simple is the most striking, don’t you agree?

Talk to you soon,

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