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Senior Photos in a Bookstore in NYC for Ellie



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This Senior Photos in a Bookstore session is a total vibe. You’ll notice they aren’t the bright and poppy photos you’re used to seeing on my luxury wedding photographer website. Because we shot in a vintage used bookstore in NYC, I wanted to shoot and edit the photos with a more vintage feel. I’ve never really shot vintage senior portraits before, but we knocked this out of the park.

Senior Photos in a Bookstore

It was Ellie’s idea to shoot senior photos in a bookstore. Ellie started reading early, and has always loved getting (and devouring) new books. Click that last link… it’s one of the reason I love this blog so much. You’ll see Ellie reading a book as a little kid. Her voice is SO CUTE. Anyway, she coordinated the outfit here to go with the vintage bookstore senior pictures and did a flawless job. The pleated skirt is perfect. She has a really great vision for photo styling!

And of course her senior photos in a bookstore are so great because she is a fantastic model. I couldn’t be more proud of her head, her heart, and her talent.

Senior Photos in a Bookstore in black and white

And just for fun, here is the video of Ellie reading a Barbie book when she just turned five years old:

Talk to you soon,

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