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Bentonville Senior Pictures for Taegen



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Our next installment of Taegan’s Bentonville senior pictures take place at the most unlikely of places: A movie theatre. There is a really cool theatre in downtown Bentonville (think: a modern architecture version of Alamo Drafthouse) that had 4 different background textures to use for senior photos. Since I hadn’t shot at this venue before, I wanted to give each background a little attention to see how it photographers. Spoiler alert: they all looked awesome.

This first duet used an ivy-covered wall, but I brought in the industrial elements (water pipe? idk!) to subtly frame Taegans body.

I have never noticed the iridescent wall (quasi tye-dye) at this theatre before, so I definitely wanted to see how it looked in Taegan’s Bentonville senior pictures. Her outfit felt right for this backdrop too. Not only because of it’s vintage style, but also because her basic colors pop against the vibrant backdrop. Contrast is key, friends!

Because the tye-dye wall and ivy wall were a little of a risk, I wanted to get some classic staple shots of Taegen during this part of her senior photos in downtown Bentonville. The running shot is something I see with fashion bloggers that lends itself well to senior portraits, and the classic cement column was a great backdrop for a simple and beautiful portrait.

Then there was a strip of copper wall that I thought I should try. Definitely a different texture, but similar vibe to the rest of the building. I think this spot might find its way into my current rotation of cool spots!

Want to see more of Taegan’s senior pictures? Here you go!

Taegan’s senior pictures in a field of yellow flowers

Talk to you soon,

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