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16 of My Favorite Photos I’ve Taken



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One of my most very favorite corporate clients, Arrow Senior Living, asked me to create fine art portraits of some of their residents. While I can’t tell you exactly what is going to happen with this project, I can share 16 of my most favorite photos I’ve taken.

I love this collection because you can see each senior’s personality in their portrait. Sometimes it takes joking around with them to get them to open up. Other times it requires lots of open-ended questions and conversations. Everyone has a different comfort level in front of the camera. It’s my job as a fine art photographer to assess a person’s comfort level and work through barriers to get to the heart of the person.

In these 16 images, I think I did that. What do you think?

In these fine art portraits of seniors, I look at them and see such history. I see wisdom, pain, humor, silliness, and more. I got to hear each one of these seniors’ stories. And with each, I laughed, or cried, or both. Maybe that’s why these are my favorites. Maybe it’s because they make me feel something.

Which one is your favorite?

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  1. Betty Benfield says:

    #2 is my favorite. It reminds me of my mom!

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