Documentary, Fine Art

September 8, 2022

16 of My Favorite Photos I’ve Taken

One of my most very favorite corporate clients, Arrow Senior Living, asked me to create fine art portraits of some of their residents. While I can’t tell you exactly what is going to happen with this project, I can share 16 of my most favorite photos I’ve taken. I love this collection because you can […]

Fine Art

August 16, 2022

Adding Color to Black and White Photographs

When my dad owned a photo lab, we used to add color to black and white photographs by painting them by hand. It was a painstaking process with little room for error. I like to stay on top of photo technology, learn new photo tricks, and develop new photo skills. Lately I’ve been playing with […]

Fine Art, Luxury Wedding

August 3, 2022

Sneak Peek Sunset Wedding Portrait from Joplin Wedding Photographer

sunset wedding portraits from wedding at Amalie in Joplin

This past weekend I returned to my roots (literally) as a Joplin Wedding Photographer to shoot Josh and Sarah’s wedding at the Roxy and Amalie. I’ve known Josh for more than 20 years. I have so much respect and admiration for the man he has become. In the coming days, you’ll see more from my […]

Family and Children, Fine Art, headshots, Personal

July 18, 2022

Fine Art Parent Portraits of Tyler’s Mom and Dad

Fine art parent portraits of an aging dad with white curly hair and glasses making a funny face in black and white in front of a black backdrop.

I would be lying if I said I “recently” took some Fine Art Parent Portraits of Tyler’s mom and dad. Actually, I made them sit for me in my portable studio before Christmas. But, that’s what it’s like when you shoot fine art wedding photography as your career… your personal images get put on the […]

Fine Art, For Photographers

July 16, 2022

How Camera Settings Can Transform a Photo

In today’s fun post I’m going to show how camera settings can transform a photo. Within moments, you can change a scene from night into day with a few changes to your camera’s settings. That’s one of the most important reasons it’s so important to know your camera’s settings. Once you master light, f-stops, shutter […]

Engagements, Fine Art, Travel

June 16, 2022

Engagement Portraits in Malibu for Derek and Hannah

Engagement Portraits in Malibu at sunset with couple kissing

Tomorrow is Hannah and Derek’s wedding day so I wanted to post a few of their Engagement Portraits in Malibu we photographed. We actually photographed these before Covid was even a thing. Can you believe that? We were supposed to photograph Hannah and Derek’s wedding in Santa Barbara in March 2020 but we all know […]

Fine Art, For Photographers

April 27, 2022

How Lighting Affects Pictures

luxury wedding rings in dark lighting

Have you ever wondered how lighting affects pictures? By adjusting shutter speeds, apertures, and film speed, you can create dramatically different pictures of the same subject. Here is an example to show you exactly what I mean. Take the scroll arrow on the comparison below and slide it back and forth. This is the exact […]

Fine Art, headshots

March 26, 2022

Grandma and Grandpa Portraits, Fine Art Style

Fine Art Black and White Grandma and Grandpa Portraits

Fine Art Grandma and Grandpa Portraits I’ve been in Ohio this week shooting more Fine Art Grandma and Grandpa Portraits. I have so much fun photographing the residents at Arrow Senior Living. Honestly, they are a blast! I get to spend time with them, hear their incredible stories, and capture their beauty. What I think […]