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How Lighting Affects Pictures



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Have you ever wondered how lighting affects pictures? By adjusting shutter speeds, apertures, and film speed, you can create dramatically different pictures of the same subject.

Here is an example to show you exactly what I mean. Take the scroll arrow on the comparison below and slide it back and forth. This is the exact same subject. I adjusted the composition to pull in the reflection in the dark image; however, everything else is the same in terms of composition. The reason these two images are so vastly different is that I understand how lighting affects pictures. I adjusted my shutter speed and ISO to capture the dark image. I used a fast shutter. On the bright show, I used a very slow shutter to allow a lot more light to register in the image. No flash was used in either of these images; however, I did use an off-camera light above the rings for the catch light. It’s important to note that even without the catch light you can create this effect as long as you know how lighting affects pictures.

luxury wedding rings in dark lightingluxury wedding rings in bright lighting

Understanding How Lighting Affects Pictures is crucial for any professional photographer. It’s even more important for any Fine Art Wedding Photographer and luxury wedding photographer, as different clients will have different needs and true professionals should be able to accommodate those needs.

I enjoy giving little lessons and tips like this. If you have something you want me to talk about, let me know in the comments section!

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