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When you start researching a photographer for your wedding, portraits, or event, you have a big task ahead of you. There are blog posts and planning guides that give tons of sample questions to ask your photographer prior to booking. I’ve seen questions such as, “what equipment do you use? do you shoot digital or film? who is your backup in case you get ill?” etc. While those are all okay questions to ask, none guarantee any happiness or success in finding YOUR perfect photographer.

Instead, assuming you’re doing your due diligence for normal business practices, choosing a photographer comes down to two things: style and personality. I’ve discussed personality in my “how to find a luxury photographer” post, but I want to chat about style today.

There is a well-known wedding photographer in Northwest Arkansas that I have tons of respect for. He and I have both been Arkansas wedding photographers for years. However, he has a vastly different style than I do. For some couples, his style appeals to them. For others, my style is the better fit. In any given situation, you can shoot the shot in multiple ways. Take, for example, the image below.

Couples portraits of jeff and jade using a silhouette technique

Jade and Jeff hired me to photograph some couples portraits, which I’ll share in a later post. For today’s illustration, look how I can create two EXTREMELY different shots from the identical couple, post, lighting, and location. These two images create much different moods and even illicit much different emotion.

Which one speaks to you more? Which would you rather have for your wedding portrait, if you could choose only one? It’s important to think about these things prior to hiring your wedding photographer. If you would like to chat about couples portraits with Benfield Photography, fill out my contact form and let’s get the party started!

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