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Sneak Peek Sunset Wedding Portrait from Joplin Wedding Photographer



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This past weekend I returned to my roots (literally) as a Joplin Wedding Photographer to shoot Josh and Sarah’s wedding at the Roxy and Amalie. I’ve known Josh for more than 20 years. I have so much respect and admiration for the man he has become. In the coming days, you’ll see more from my Joplin Wedding Photographer renaissance as I unfold Josh and Sarah’s wedding.

Upcoming Schedule:
Thursday: The Wedding at the Amalie in Joplin
Friday: The Wedding Reception at The Roxy in Joplin
Saturday: Wedding Portraits in Joplin

Make sure you come back each day for more from one of the finest and most fun weddings in Joplin, MO… ever.

For this portrait I’m about to share, I have to give credit to Josh and Sarah. First, they allowed me to pull them away from their reception at the Roxy to drive to the location. Second, they were fun and relaxed for these photos. Maybe is a credit to how I’ve been able to interact with and get to know the couple. Or maybe they’re just ridiculously good at taking photos. Yeah… let’s go with that! Finally, they were up for anything and had full trust in me to create beautiful imagery for their wedding day. That is a job I take very seriously, and later in my life I don’t take that for granted. On the contrary, I spend more time pre-conceptualizing images than I ever have in my career. Honestly, I think my photography is so much better because of that.

This shot is the culmination of all the above. I believe that an image like this deserves to be enlarged on canvas or fine art paper and hung on the wall for all to see. Sure, have it on your phone. But also print this, BIG.

sunset wedding portraits from wedding at Amalie in Joplin

Talk to you soon,

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