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10 Ways to Shop Small in NWA (and my BIG announcement)



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It’s Small Business Saturday, and I’m compiling ways to shop small in NWA. Northwest Arkansas, while being home to the Fortune 1 company, actually has some really incredible small businesses. Today isn’t about getting the best deals: check the Fortune 1 for that… we can never compete on that level. Instead, this post is about helping those small businesses.

Ways to Shop Small in NWA: Local Family-Owned Clothing Boutiques in NWA

Riffraff – I started my Luxury Wedding Photography business around the same time Kirsten started Fayetteville clothing boutique, Riffraff. We bonded over starting and growing a business in NWA for years, and I was able to help her with some of the photography in the early days. Then, as Riffraff grew, I was able to help their photographers shoot studio and lifestyle photographs. I still check in on the site from time to time and am happy the store is doing well and has become a Fayetteville staple. Oh, and I photographed Kirsten’s wedding!

Impressions – I have a long, intertwined story with Impressions, the Springdale clothing boutique. I was their lead photographer for a long time. Together, we fine-tuned the process of creating content for a high-volume clothing boutique. It was a ton of work, but the team made it a ton of fun. All these years later, I still get their email marketing campaigns and check out their photography. I left them in good hands, and am proud to be a part of their history. Oh, and I photographed Ashley’s (the owner) wedding!

Maude – While I haven’t directly worked with Becca and the Maude team, I have photographed for some local influencers who represent the Fayetteville clothing boutique. I have also photographed weddings for Becca’s family, and everyone (including Becca) has always been so kind! Added bonus, they’re offering Black Friday discounts of up to 70% off!

Blakeman’s Jewelry – While I haven’t photographed Ben’s wedding yet (he’s not married), I bet one day I will, haha! Nonetheless, I love Blakeman’s Jewelry. They have outstanding customer service (I’ve used them for my Rolex), and have a great selection of gifts for the special people in your life. I’ve gone in on multiple occasions and Ben has met with me personally to recommend items. I love it when my couples not only buy their wedding rings at Blakeman’s but also their wedding gifts!

Ways to Shop Small in NWA: Local Family-Owned Shops in NWA

Euna Mae’s – This Springdale staple is one of the cutest kitchen boutiques around. Not only is it the cutest kitchen boutique, but Amy offers supper club events, culinary tours, etc. In fact, it looks like they’re heading to Charlston this spring for another tour! In the past she has offered cooking classes in NWA, but I don’t see any currently listed for sale. But I get it, this girl is busy! She writes books and speaks at events all over the country. I feel like at any moment she is going to get her own Food Network deal. (but really). I know Amy from her stationary days and not so much lately, but she has always been a sweet and thoughtful southern delight!

Bentonville Provisions – This Bentonville store is a “kitchen & culinary experience.” They offer kitchen goods, grab and go items, host private events, and even offer cooking classes. The cooking classes would be my go-to gift for the hard-to-buy for person. Not only are cooking classes in NWA a fun experience, they teach you a lifelong skill! I’m all about learning new techniques, tips, and tricks in the kitchen.

Onyx Coffee Lab – My favorite local coffee shop that has made a huge name for itself all across the country. Onyx Coffee Lab seems to do everything right. They win national awards and their baristas are some of the best in the country, thanks to their high quality, standards, and training. Speaking of training, and much like the cooking classes in NWA I mentioned earlier… if you’re looking for a super cool gift, they offer professional courses in drink making, latte art, etc. They sell out fast, but one of these days I’ll actually snag one! I know Jon, the owner of Onyx, from my Baller Foodtruck days when we collaborated on some events, so maybe I’ll use my contact to fulfill my dreams of being an all-star barista.

Okay, but that’s not all, folks! I have one more great opportunity for you to buy something for the person who is impossible to buy for!

Ways to Shop Small in NWA: Best Family Owned Restaurants in NWA

SaiWok – If you follow Tyler or me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen us promote our neighborhood restaurant. Yes, we live right down the street from the Rogers Vietnamese Street food restaurant. It’s our go-to for an inexpensive date night or when we want to impress a foodie friend.

Artisan Wood Fired Kitchen – The Promenade’s best restaurant, in my opinion, serves some of the best Neopolitan pizza in the area. We go so much that they all know us by name and know our orders as well. We’ve celebrated birthdays, shopping trips, and more at Artisan. Below are a couple of shots they asked me to capture that both celebrate their food and that they are family owned.

Plomo – Finally, I have to give a shoutout to my buddy, Omar, who owns Plomo in Fayetteville (among other things in the area). My fellow serial entrepreneur, Omar is always cooking up something (both literally and figuratively). He has a great mind for business, and makes killer queso. If you’re in Fayetteville or Springdale, hit up one of his restaurants!

I Just Launched My Store!

If you’ve been to my luxury wedding photography website in the past month, you might have noticed there is a link in the header that says “shop” that has been deactivated. However, it’s now LIVE, and I’m ready to take orders! “Starry Night in Alaska” image (which I talked about in this Star Trails in Alaska post) is available for Limited Edition prints!

I have a handful of other photographs that I’ve taken over the years and love. Over the next few weeks and months, I’ll be adding those so it will be a website you’ll want to bookmark! Also, I won’t run sales on this website, but I do want to run a little special now to get things kicked off in style, so the first 10 people who order get a really unthinkable deal! Use code: First10 for your discount!

I won’t spend any more time in this post “selling” my art – but go check out the mostly-finished website for more! And thank you in advance for your support over the weeks, months, and years.

Did I miss any Ways to Shop Small in NWA? If so, leave them in the comments and I’ll publish them right away for others to see!

Talk to you soon,

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