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Sunday Weekly Roundup #6: (alpacas, Venus, and lollipops)



The blog contains little bits of my life, my passions, and my work. I update it daily so there is always something new to come see.





I’m stepping up my recap game this week. Make sure to read until the end. We’ve got memes, we’ve got infographics, we’ve got quotes, and we’ve got photos of the week! I designed all these (and made templates) so if you like it I’ll keep this new format going. Let me know your thoughts!

The Weekly Recap

I spent most of this week photographing in Cleveland Ohio. In NE Ohio, it’s my ideal temperature right now, so each morning I got up an hour or two early so I could walk to the Starbucks in downtown Cleveland for my morning drink. On the first day, they didn’t have oatmilk (which is crucial to my favorite drink). See the meme of the week for how I felt about that. However, it didn’t ruin my day. In fact, I felt upbeat and positive all week. I went out to dinners all week with my Ohio friends: Rob and David (who are ENGAGED so we did some wedding planning), Robin, and Nicole. I love having friends in cities that I travel to, because if I’m going to be away from my family, I’d like to be around people I adore.

Speaking of family, each morning when I would call Scout, she would ask if I was coming home to see her – and each morning, it killed me. I hate being away from my family, but I have to remember that in order to play hard, you gotta work hard.

That should be my quote of the week, but it’s not. I spent a lot of the week having my patience tested. From Lyfts canceling multiple times in a row to the app’s national server crashing one morning leaving me stranded for a bit… I had to dig deep.

Quote of the Week

I love this quote, and I took this photo during a trip to Aspen Colorado. 😍

This Week in Numbers

Photo of the Week

On Thursday I attended an introductory to starmaps course at Baldwin Wallace University in Cleveland. I was photographing the course for Baldwin Wallace and Vitalia, but couldn’t help to listen in. I found it especially interesting because photography and astronomy have many similarities. Near the end of the lesson, we walked over to the observatory and used the biggest telescope I’ve ever seen to look at Venus. It was so dope.

Earlier in the week, I went to Ohio’s biggest candy store, Sweetie’s, and found myself swimming in candy nostalgia. Everything I ate at a kid, even the stuff I didn’t think they made anymore, lined the candy warehouse. I spent $150 on sugar, including ginormous lollipops, big league chew, pez dispensers for Scout, and Bob Ross Positive Energy Drink (it tasted like a sweet Red Bull).

I’m not going to have a selfie of the week section; however, this selfie is pretty fun. I got to meet and hang out with an Alpaca. I love Alpacas because they look like they’re always smiling. I like to think of myself as a positive person, so maybe the Alpaca is my spirit animal.

Meme of the Week

I have a lot of fun things happening this coming week… be sure to come back each day (or better yet, subscribe!)

Talk to you soon,

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