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Vintage Christmas Photos in 2022



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Vintage Christmas Photos in 2022… yes, you read that right. It sounds like an oxymoron. Technology is so advanced that I could literally speak into a computer, and it generates a Christmas image based on the terms I say in high definition. Good for you, technology, but today we are kicking it old school.

What I love about shooting polaroid cameras: 1) it's fun to shoot 2) you have prints right away 3) it's an experience for others as well

In previous years, I would carry my camera bag from Christmas to Christmas (each parents’, plus our own) lugging cameras lenses, batteries, memory cards, card readers, laptop, etc. While I LOVE being a luxury wedding photographer, I didn’t want to feel like I was “working” this Christmas. Especially because I’m still in wedding season, with a wedding last weekend and two this week to wrap up 2022.

How I shot my Vintage Christmas Photos

So what did I do? I dusted off a couple of my vintage polaroid cameras and shot some vintage Christmas photos. Okay, edit that… neither of those is technically mine. The true vintage polaroid I have is Ellie’s, which I bought her for her 4th Christmas. Even then, it was old. The camera is actually 23 years old, but still does its thing. (you can get a re-make of the barbie polaroid here). Here are a few scanned polaroids from that camera shot during Christmas:

What I love about shooting polaroid cameras:
1) it’s fun to shoot
2) you have prints right away
3) it’s an experience for others as well

The other camera…

The next set of vintage Christmas photos was photographed with Tyler’s instax wide camera. While it is a much newer camera (we used it at our wedding reception for the guestbook), it’s also an instant polaroid camera. The photo quality is much different than Ellie’s vintage polaroid barbie camera. You’ll it that not only is the format different (horizontal vs vertical), it produces images with more contrast and vibrance. The flash is also more powerful, which causes the background to go darker. Here are some vintage Christmas photos shot with the instax wide format camera:

What did you just see?

Okay, you might have a couple questions after seeing those photos, so let me answer them.
1) Yes, Ellie is hitting a piñata. (no it’s not for Las Posadas, though no disrespect to those who celebrate that). Tyler started it last year and we decided to do it again. Will it be a tradition? Idk… we’ll see!
2) Yes, that is Scout with ketchup. She put ketchup on her list to Santa Claus. She really loves ketchup, so I get it. I asked for a nespresso because I also love consuming it so… like daddy like daughter.

How was your Christmas? I would love to hear your favorite parts. Leave me a comment and let’s share!

Talk to you soon,

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