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Kitchen Remodel with Before and After Photos



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Today I’m sharing our Kitchen Remodel with Before and After Photos. It’s a little more personal than my regular posts, but it shows off some nice interior photography. So at least there’s that! This kitchen remodel was completely (100%) DIY. Okay, so best buy had their guys swap out the appliances, but we did everything else. I even learned some new skills by replacing the chrome sink with this beautiful white one we got off overstock. I had to detach and reattach the garbage disposal and also had to rework some of the plumbing to fit the new drains. It was fun to do, actually, and didn’t take but a couple hours to complete.

Kitchen remodel before and after photos of a kitchen sink with subway tile

In these Kitchen Remodel with Before and After Photos, do you see the pretty tile backsplash? That was all Tyler! We actually got the peel and stick kind and it worked like a charm! She also changed our dark countertops to these gorgeous white marble-looking beauties! She used this marble epoxy kit so instead of 2000 dollars, it cost us 200!

And now we are all ready for the holidays in our beautiful new kitchen! Okay… minus the pineapple.

My favorite thing about the kitchen remodel is the custom peel-and-stick wallpaper from Love vs Design. I looked everywhere for peel-and-stick wallpaper. Spoonflower is my other favorite custom peel-and-stick wallpaper store, and had some good options; however, I love being able to customize designs directly in the web browser.

Kitchen remodel before and after photos of a kitchen sink with subway tile

Here is a close up of the wallpaper I chose, but changed the colors to a dark gray (almost charcoal).

CUSTOM peel-and-stick wallpaper of vintage peonies

And finally, here is the awful before photo compared to the after photo. Sorry, I took the photo after we unloaded all the cabinets onto the countertop. So you’ll just have to take my word for it that it was dark granite, chrome metal sink, and just a gray wall with no backsplash. The only thing we didn’t do a thing to was the floor. We thought about stencil-painting it, but for now we are calling this project complete.

Next up… We are thinking about doing our master bedroom and bath. They aren’t as bad as the kitchen before photos, but we think there is definitely room for improvement. “room for improvement…” see what I did there?

Talk to you soon,

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