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Osage House Wedding Day for Ellis + Andrew



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Now that I’ve finished posting the Benny Awards nominees, I need to get back to this dreamy Osage House Wedding! To see the incredible Osage House wedding details, check out the blog post.

Can I start a wedding day blog post with one of the last shots of the night? Well, I make the rules here and I say “yes.” Little shoutout to my buddy Dave and a Camera who pulled me away from another shot to grab this one. I love having friends in the wedding community that lift each other up. Thanks, Dave! Anyway, I love this moment of the bride and groom taking in their wedding reception. What a sweet moment.

The bride and groom sit on a couch and watch their Osage House wedding reception

Okay, if you subscribe to the blog, you might have already seen these. However, I couldn’t share this without also sharing these beautiful details. The Wed by Meg team knocked it out of the park, as did the other vendors involved with this event.

Ellis and her family were so kind. You could tell each and every one of them had such fondness for one another. That, and they were taking in every moment of the day. There were a ton of special events, particularly with some first looks. Dads and daughters get me every time.

And then of course, there was the Osage House Wedding in the chapel. It’s such a gorgeous venue, and the aisle runner was a show-stopper!

For the wedding reception, so many guests wanted to take photographs with each other. I thought it was super cute, and I love taking these types of photos. Can you believe some wedding photographers won’t take these types of pictures at a wedding? So bizarre, I know!

The order of events kept the crowd engaged, from the first dance to the cake cutting to a very special surprise. Yes… that’s the U of A Razorback band you see! They popped in to the wedding reception to play the fight song and to call the Hogs. It was a blast!

But alas, the wedding reception had to end. The bride and groom chose sparklers for their grand exit.

Talk to you soon,

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