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Wedding at Osage House: Portraits of Ashley and Chad



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A proper Wedding at Osage House wouldn’t be complete without some gorgeous couple portraits of the bride and groom. Ashley and Chad are so photogenic, and what’s fun about photographing them is that they are TOTALLY INTO EACH OTHER. Honestly, it makes for way better photos when a bride and groom are affectionate and aren’t afraid to show it. These two are perfect examples. Furthermore, I know that they will look back on their wedding pictures and sense the love they both feel for one another.

I always carve out a little time on the wedding day to photograph the couple away from all the guests and wedding party. At most weddings, this time ends up being the only time the bride and groom get to be alone together. Weddings, after all, are social events.

Wedding at Osage House portrait of bride and groom kissing

This next series of bride and groom portraits contain images photographed after the wedding ceremony. As the guests made their way to the cocktail hour, we shot dreamy wedding portraits outside Osage House. We used the gorgeous chapel doors, and then adventured into the surrounding nature.

Wedding at Osage House portrait of bride and groom kissing
Osage House Real Wedding couple kissing in the chapel

This Wedding at Osage House dropped jaws thanks to the incredible team of vendors who gave their expertise to the event. A huge shoutout to Wed by Meg for executing the day flawlessly. Y’all killed it, as usual.

I’m thankful for my incredible couples, and can’t wait for the 2022 wedding season to kick off soon!

Talk to you tomorrow,

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