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Family Photos with Christmas Lights at the Bentonville Square for Kristen + fam



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You probably saw on social media that I scheduled my annual photos with Christmas Lights at the Bentonville Square. I had some really great families sign up, including one of my very favorites! Kristen Christianson, who is no stranger to this blog, brought her boys for a family photo shoot. She is always dressed so cute and coordinated the boys to perfection with their dapper blue outfits. Kristen is a total sweetheart, a total babe, and so much fun any time we get to work together. Also, she is one of the best realtors in NWA, so if you’re looking for a house, hit her up. Here’s her social media where you can reach out to her.

Photos with Christmas Lights at the Bentonville Square

When we shot these Photos with Christmas Lights at the Bentonville Square I wanted to make sure we got some of her with her two sons. The bond between a mother and son is so important. I know these boys will love having these photos when they are older.

And then of course we added Patrick to these Family Photos with Christmas Lights at the Bentonville Square. Patrick is such a fun guy, and treats Kristen like a queen (because, obviously, she IS one). He also is so great with the boys… I love to see that! I hope that I accurately captured their tight family. And I hope they print out all the photographs and hang them in every room of their beautiful house!

Stay tuned for more family photos at the Bentonville Square hitting the blog soon!

Talk to you soon,

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