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Luxury Headshots in Black and White for Kristen



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Luxury Headshots in Black and White

I’ve been on a headshot shooting spree lately, and I’m loving it (check out these upscale headshots for fitness coach Ashley in St. Louis)! Today’s post showcases my new realtor friend, Kristen Christianson. We recently connected after being Instagram friends for some time. I had a vision of some Luxury Headshots in Black and White, something a little different than the typical headshot shoots you see. And obviously, realtors always need fresh headshots, so I thought this would be a perfect pairing.

5 reasons why you need Luxury Headshots in Black and White

Speaking of reasons people need fresh headshots, I can brainstorm a ton of reasons you need to email me to schedule yours (by the way, me email is
1) new LinkedIn profile because everyone needs to look like a million bucks on your way to making a million bucks.
2) dating app profile images. Leave these to the pros – I know all the good angles to boost your bumble profile!
3) your company’s website. Don’t leave it to the intern at your office for your headshot. Make a statement by providing your own killer photo.
4) make a dreamy email signature with your fresh headshot (if you book me, I’ll walk you through the steps to add it to your email signature!
5) just because you deserve amazing photos taken of yourself every now and then!

About Kristen’s Headshot Session

Having just finished a boudoir shoot at the 21c Hotel in Bentonville for a bride, I had Kristen meet me at the upscale, modern hotel. I brought my portable studio that I’ve been using lately. We shot some on the black I’ve been capturing the fine art portraits with, and also shot with a soft white for a bit of contrast. I’m not sure which I love more, but then again… every photograph Kristen takes is stunning! Take a look and see if you agree:

Talk to you soon,

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  1. […] you want to see the black and white headshots from this session, here you […]

  2. […] for work (NSFW) unless of course you work from home (WFH). Kristen reached out to me after our last headshot session to say she was interested in modeling. Sculp Agency had reached out to her to see if she had any […]

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