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Branding and Headshot Photography: Ashley Lapointe



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Branding and Headshot Photography is so important for anyone who owns their own business. Ashley values great photography and has so many irons in the fire, it was really fun to discuss all her ventures while photographing portraits in St. Louis recently.

Running a podcast, fitness tips on her instagram, and corporate fitness are just a few of Ashley’s daily activities. Because she is working so hard on a daily basis to build her brand, these headshots will get lots of uses. For this photoshoot, we spent a lot of time at Forest Park in St. Louis. I love shooting at that park because it’s huge, has a wonderful diversity of backgrounds and colors, and is centrally located. Here are a few from that location that are my favorite headshots and portraits:

beautiful light skinned girl laughing in a flower bush at Forest Park in St. Louis
aerial shot of light skinned girl wearing a flowy red dress lying in a grassy field at Forest Park in St Louis

We also spent time photographing some branding portraits and headshots near downtown St. Louis at Laclede’s Landing. The area was mostly closed because we shot on a Tuesday, so the streets were fairly empty. That left us to be free and open in the space, which I love for photo shoots. This series showed off athleisure portraits. Here are my favorite branding and headshots for Laclede’s Landing.

Hello Benny Backlight! As the sun was setting, we went back out into nature for some final headshots and branding shots for Ashley. She is a terrific subject who felt really at ease in front of my camera (she said I made her feel so comfortable, but I swear she is also a natural). Check out a few of my favorite sunset portraits below.

If you’re interested in headshots for your business or are building a brand and need portraits, let’s connect!

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