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If you're looking for by a Northwest Arkansas wedding photographer, you've hit the right spot! Dale has been photographing Northwest Arkansas weddings for more than a decade. Also, he travels all over Arkansas, the US, and the world as a wedding photographer. His approach as a wedding photographer is capturing real moments and beautiful wedding portraits while becoming friends in the process. His photography is described as timeless, personal, story telling, and beautiful.

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Hey everybody! I have a really fun shoot to share with y’all today! I teamed up with my friend Tia Booth and my other friend Kate Sbarra Dorgan for this killer session. Kate owns Alexis + Bolt in Nashville and styled Tia (you know her from the Bachelor and from my mobile lightroom presets boutique!)…

Tia Booth in her bra and sweatshirt from Alexis and Bolt in downtown Nashville

The Best Graduation Portraits and Style Portraits of the year are here! This category is new to the Benny Awards, and I’m excited to share. Because so many of my clients are non-wedding, I felt I needed to add this category. What do you think? Being a graduating senior is an important milestone in any…

My friend Tia Booth (from the Bachelor) – who I collab with on mobile lightroom presets! – recently invited me to the NWAFW show at Drake Field. This was actually the first time Tia and I met in person, though we text pretty much every day. We also have been social media friends for a…

Tia Booth NWAFW Fashion week in front of airplane