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Model Photoshoot with Sexy Red and Blue Lights: Lighting Fun with Alex



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Model Photoshoot with Sexy Red and Blue Lights: Lighting Fun with Alex

I had so much fun on this Photoshoot with Sexy Red and Blue Lights. Yes, lighting can be sexy! Don’t you think? Alex and I have recently been working together on a few projects (she works for Bloom Events and Design) and also recently hired me to photograph a really fun special event for her family. So, we’ve become friends and talked about doing a creative shoot. It was my idea to do the creative lighting on this photoshoot. By the way, I also did some of this photoshoot without this fun and creative lighting, so I’ll share that later. But for now, check out these creative lighting photos with my model!

During this Photoshoot with Sexy Red and Blue Lights, Alex wore a few different outfits. I had Tyler pick her favorite images from this shoot, and I had Alex pick her favorites. They had the same taste because they chose many of the same photos. The shots in this blog post show our model wearing only a leather jacket. We did some with a bra on too, but these are no bra and I think they came out great! It will be fun for you to see later when I post the other blog from this session: lighting does so much to create a mood! Now I think I need to do a new sexy photo shoot of my wife using cool red and blue lights! Y’all know she would totally rock that!

If you’re looking for a fun present for your significant other, you should consider doing a secret session (aka a boudoir photo shoot). I make them fun and easy! Alex texted me after the shoot, saying: “you make it sooo easy to post and not feel awkward loll” << That’s a really great compliment because I know how awkward and uncomfortable some photographers can make it feel (especially the male photographers). But I promise you’ll have so much fun and you’ll walk away from the shoot feeling empowered, confident, and happy! Reach out to me if you want to set up a shoot!

Talk to you soon,

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