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Classic B&W Portraits for Colie



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When we were swimming in our sea of purple during Colie’s photo shoot, I also took some time to shoot a handful of classic B&W portraits. We had a really fun time just playing around and trying out different things. Experimenting as an artist (and as a model) is so fun and liberating, and I felt myself inspired throughout the entire process.

Classic B&W Portraits of model in the studio

Colie was made for Classic B&W Portraits. She has a great look and can be both bubbly and serious. (don’t believe me? check out the two shots below) Versatility is a great thing for every model to have, and Colie can pull off both looks effortlessly!

During these classic B&W portraits, I continuously switched up lighting from low to high-key lighting. See how changing the lighting creates a totally different vibe? You can have the same model do the same pose, but by switching up lighting, it’s a completely different feel (okay… and her outfits helped complete the look, obviously).

That last set of classic B&W portraits reminds me of old Hollywood-type portraits. Right? I can’t wait to share more from this session with y’all! If you’re looking for her purple pictures, here you go: Purple Palette Portraits.

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